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    Anne Linn

    This isn’t exactly music, but this simple video moved me deeply. There’s something magical about the mists, something so mysterious. They feel like a portal into another world, especially on the Solstice.

    And a video of mystical singing, in the autumn mists. Wishing everyone a lovely autumn….or spring.



    Thanks Anne Linn, I agree that mists are special! 🙂 Once I heard that mist was a manifestation of Divine Mother and it felt like there could be something on it, as she is often connected to water, and mist is the most sublime form of water – the water that is evaporating towards there sky, towards heaven…

    In the place where I live now, we are fortunate to have mists quite often, and its so beautiful. Sometimes it comes quite quickly from the mountains, and literally within seconds fills the whole village, only to recede in a couple of minutes. I can often see this “milky fluff” rolling towards my kitchen window, wondering if it is going to also continue inside the kitchen, but it hasn’t so far… 🙂


    Anne Linn

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful imagery Lucia. Love that it comes so close to where you live. Would be kind of nice if it floated into your kitchen too 🙂

    I also like the thought that they’re a manifestation of the Divine Mother. In Scandinavia, we have stories about a beautiful woman that appears in the misty forest and dances. One name for her is hulder, which apparently means covered or secret. Many myths say that she’s an evil being with a cows tail, that steals people away into the mountains. But there are other tales that describe her as being friendly, and that she helps people and watches over them. And some think she might be related to the Germanic goddess Holda
    Now I wonder if she was originally good, a goddess, but that after Christianity they changed the myths to make her evil…Who knows? Just got me wondering, after what you said about the mist being related to the Divine Mother. I’ve always loved the stories about the huldra, even though they were a bit creepy. There was just something so lovely about dancing and singing in the misty forest at dawn.



    Thank for that Anne Linn. There is a sort of subtle mystique to the mist alright. It’s funny you mention that about Scandinavian legends, in Irish legends one of the main ‘markers’ for when the heroes cross into the otherworld is the appearance of mist, and almost always they meet a goddess figure of some sort.



    I really like that the woman here is creating something beautiful. To me, there can be something spiritual in creating a beautiful spectacle. Wearing white and going into the morning mists, perhaps burning incense, perhaps with candles. Even if these images are not captured or shared, something magical happens. And if these moments are captured or shared, it’s the kind of photo or video that can really transfer something of substance.

    I agree the mist is a special thing! And that hour before dawn too!



    Very beautiful Anne Linn. I love the mist too.

    I like that even though she is something of a ‘phenomenon’ in social media at the moment, there seems to be something genuine in what she does and creates. Maybe that genuine beauty created the phenomenon in the first place, which is nice in today’s often superficial society.

    @ella, well said and true.


    Anne Linn

    @nathan Oh that’s interesting to learn, about the Irish legends. How the hero faces the mists and a goddess figure. Are there any legends you find especially inspiring?

    @ella Something so simple like this really touches me, just being outside in silence, observing nature, the play of light. Noticing how one season shifts into another. It’s the time when I feel the closest to something unseen, to the divine.

    @laura Yes, I also feel she’s very genuine. She loves nature and wants to share what she feels and sees when she’s in it. I think she’s inspiring a lot of people to move closer to nature 🙂



    Thanks Anne Linn.

    When the video started I was like ‘what’s gonna happen next?’ but then nothing much happened and it actually helped me to slow down a bit, didn’t even realise I was in a rush :-). Those mists are lovely indeed, would very much love to be in them (not just digitally though), hopefully some time soon.

    Interesting as well this type of artistic expression, it’s video and with some music, but using the medium more like a painting or those ambient background nature videos you see on youtube.

    I agree that, even though the media in itself is nice, if it inspires people to go outside into nature, that’s so good!

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