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    Hi all,

    As I have been looking into all kinds of monstrance options these days, my husband mentioned to me that he could possibly try to make one (from some remaining copper material he has got at home, and then spray it gold) and asked me if I could draw a design I would like that would not be overly complicated to make.

    So I drew 2 preliminary designs yesterday and decided to share them here to see what you guys think and if something like that would be an option for an altar monstrance.

    The first one I just decided to create based on my own inspiration that has developed as I was drawing it:


    The second one is based on the design Jordan shared here, and adapted with some decorative elements, as well as making the cross into the “Maltese” type of cross or Cross-Pattee :


    The designs are not geometrically perfect, and they would have to be re-drawn in order to be perfectly symetric, but you get an idea.

    It would also be nice to see if maybe other people were playing with drawing some designs as well. Another one I was thinking about would be just to draw the logo of this website to make it into the monstrance. 🙂



    Nicely done, Lucia! Both of these are really appealing to look at. My first impression is that the top one has a more masculine feel while the bottom is decidedly more feminine and has this soft quality to it. Perhaps it depends on which altar you’d like to use it for.



    What a lovely idea and wonderful drawings Lucia. Both are very nice. I personally prefer the first one. I think it would also look nice, solid,or hollow in the middle, if that part of the development became tricky.

    Its great that you found a way to design and bring your own inspiration to life.



    @olga, thank you for your comment, I definitely had an inspiring time drawing these. With the first one in particular, I was very happy to find out how I could actually “extend” the swastika’s arms to create those 12 wavy lines. Now it almost reminds me of the Shiva’s cosmic dance. 🙂

    @zorana, I agree, the first one has somewhat more masculine feel, most likely due to the straight spiky rays, even though those wavy ones should somehow balance it, but maybe not completely, as the straight ones are more pronounced and longer. The second one is for sure more gentle and decorative, as everything there is round, including the cross.



    Ah, yes I see now how the swastika is connected to the rays – didn’t notice that at first. thanks for pointing it out, very nice!


    Dara P

    Lucia your designs are so nice! I quite like the first one, it flows beautifully and has such a nice balance between the straight and curved rays, and the simple outer circle.


    Jon Haase

    Those are great designs Lucia – I really like the swastika/cross in the middle.

    For getting them perfectly symmetrical/proportional, you could perhaps use a computer graphics program like Photoshop or Illustrator. You could scan the drawings and then edit them from there.


    Justin Norris

    Those are great Lucia!

    I started off writing that I prefer the first one but then looking more closely, the second one started to become quite appealing as well. The Maltese cross in the middle gives it a feeling of stability while the curving rays give a sense of movement.

    By the way, I trust your husband’s definition of “overly complicated to make” is different to mine. They both look hard to make to me! 🙂 He appears to be pretty handy in the Equinox pictures though.



    Ha ha, I agree Justin, these designs are not so simple after all… But my husband just revealed to me that he was going to ask a friend who works with a laser cut tool if he could possibly cut something like that, and then Rajko would just make the holder/stick and spray it all gold.

    @jon, that’s what I was going to do, to make them geometrically perfect in one of those programs. Unfortunately, I don’t have Illustrator, which is better for these precise mathematical shapes, and also I am not too skillful with working with vector graphics, so Photoshop will have to do! :-O


    David Gardner

    @lucia, there’s a program called Inkscape you might like to check out if you want to give vector stuff a shot but don’t want to pay for illustrator. It’s an open source vector graphics program that is pretty good quality.

    Nice drawings! 🙂 I think my favourite is the second one, as I like how the little petals (for want of a better word) get bigger as they go out, which gives it a feeling of light moving outwards.



    Thank you for the tip David, will have a look at the program shortly.

    Regarding the “little petals”, I guess you mean those half-circle (or less than that) little shapes that I have put around both circles, inner and outer? I have mainly put them there to make the whole design look more decorative, and somewhat like a flower/rose, but it is nice to see that they may invoke different associations too. 🙂




    Nice idea to draft these up.  I was thinking about trying to make one of these and you’ve reminded me that there’s a laser cutting tool I can use (or have someone do the work for me) at a ‘Maker’ space in town near me.  It shouldn’t be hard to have a shape like this cut out of a thin material and then paint it or finish it with gold leaf.  And It would be a neat project to design (in Illustrator) and then see how it can be mounted in some way.

    It’s funny because my Grandfather was a mystic as well and made sacred geometric forms out of plywood and painted them gold (and put them on his altar in his sacred space).  And because I find myself doing essentially the same thing, I have to laugh.  I owe him a lot I believe.





    Hi Lucia,

    Really beautiful designs! I was thinking that it may be possible to also have it laser wood cut, as some people seem to offer this on Etsy and then painted gold (e.g. the shop that Jon mentioned for his pendant).  I do really like the 2nd one – perhaps with the middle part even more ‘photon’ looking – it has a nice appealing feel to it to me. Let us know how you go with it – it is nice to be able to use your drawing skills in this manner 🙂



    Lucia I really like the first one! It’s beautiful! Would be great to have that in a winter solstice ceremony! 🙂



    @Andrew, that is indeed intriguing that your grandfather used to be into the same things as you are now. 🙂 It also made me think of the laws that govern the places where we are born, and to what families, etc. Do you still maybe have some items that he constructed? Do any of them by any chance remind the shapes of solar spirituality?

    @Geraldine, that’s good to know about the Etsy laser wood cutting option, in case this local laser cutting does not work for some reason.

    Also interesting that the middle part of the second design reminded you of a light photon… And I was just really surprised to check this article of the blog again, and to find out that this exact type of design has been used in ancient Mesopotamia. :-O I sincerely forgot all about this article when I was designing this monstrance shape, I just tried to “make something beautiful and more sturdy” in the middle. So it surprised me that unintentionally, I created this shape. Thanks for pointing it out!  🙂

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