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    This is a very interesting ancient megalithic site in Morocco that shares its construction methodology with British megalithic sites, similarly to the Nabta Playa stone ring in Southern Egypt. This makes some researches believe that it has either been constructed by the same culture that built the megalithic sites in Britain, Ireland and France, or was intimately connected with them.


    The site consists of 167 monoliths surrounding an elliptical tumulus of almost 55 metres of diameter. One of the monoliths, known as El Uted (the pointer) measures more than 5 m. One of the legends says that this megalithic monument is the tomb of the giant Antaeus, and some suggest that the whole place may have been built by giants.

    The circle’s different stones were found to mark the sunrises and sunsets of the solstices and equinoxes, and its main axis is aligned to the largest mountain on the horizon.

    It was built on the ground once inhabited by the Berbers – light-skinned Caucasian people with fair hair, blue eyes and high cheekbones.

    More info on this mysterious stone circle can be found in the following articles:



    Amazing site and links to the ancient megalith builders that were so active just north along the Atlantic coast! There’s some pretty compelling evidence of the existence of a giant race linked to the site too, with such enormous tools unearthed!
    I must say this place holds a lot of interest to me – I’ve always felt something for the Berber people, having created an image of them from stories and diaries of explorers I’ve read, of these wise nomads with piercing blue eyes that sleep under starry skies in the Atlas mountains. But it seems they may have been the inheritors of fragments of a deeper wisdom too.
    The myths of the circle being built by giants is curious too. That quote by Geoffery of Monmouth is used in the mythical story of another site too: Stonehenge. There is a myth (backed up by modern research!) that the bluestones of Stonehenge were brought from Ireland, or Wales, and were moved there by Giants from their original African location. It’s an idea I explored in this article on the Preseli Mountains.

    When planning the construction of Stonehenge, Merlin tells King Ambrosius: “Send for the Giant’s Ring which is on Mount Killaraus [a mythical mountain] in Ireland. In that place there is a stone construction which no man of this period could ever erect …”

    I wonder if the stones of the Mzoura circle have any similar properties to ‘bluestones’?

    It’s pretty shocking to read that this massive site, that reveals incredibly sophisticated knowledge in its structure, doens’t even have official coordinates and is so unknown. Though perhaps its obscurity has helped it remain so intact, it could also leave it open to careless destruction.

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