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    Vida Norris

    Hi guys,

    A little late but I wanted to share our Nativity Scene we put it up for our Christmas celebration. I got it from Etsy a couple of  years ago and we’ve been happy with it. This year we put some candles with it which gave it a really warm feel. Feel free to share yours too if you set one up this year. 🙂




    Looks really beautiful Vida, especially in the surrounding setting with candles and plants – makes it come alive!


    Anne Linn

    Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Think I might get one from Etsy next year since I don’t have one currently 🙂 I like how live-like this Nativity Scene is. Beautiful details.



    Lovely Vida : )

    The ‘sun’ mirror is a nice touch, almost feels like it is part of the fireplace.

    Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas!



    Similar to Anne Linn I like how the little statues look very detailed and well done, which makes it nice to look at and more real.

    I remember making one nativity set with paper mache with my mom when we were kids, my brother and I weren’t too devout with the process I must admit, and it didn’t look quite like this 🙂


    Jenny Resnick

    Very nice, Vida. I really like your set, and especially the way the shepherds are done. The sun cross mirror is also a nice addition 🙂



    That’s a really nice and lively nativity Vida, thank you for sharing! I agree with Ella that the plants really make it come alive. I also like the stony wall and the decorative cross/mirror, really beautiful!

    This year, I have set up a nativity in the eastern corner of our practice room, which I would like to be generally dedicated to the Sun/Christ all through the year. It is a nativity we’ve had for a while, which is made from olive wood with quite a nice level of detail. A part of the corner is also the monstrance from our winter solstice ceremony, yellow altar cloth and some candles.

    When I set it up, I lit the candles and stood there for a bit, and immediately felt a very special quietness in the room and a sense of peace. I felt very inspired by it, and when a friend stopped by a few minutes later, I invited him to also see this new set up. 🙂 Interestingly, after standing in front of it for a minute or two, he also commented on how very peaceful it felt.

    Now after seeing Vida’s nativity I am thinking of maybe adding some greenery  to the setup too, to make it more lively.

    Also since we have always had a sword in that particular corner of the practice room, I left it there as I kind of liked it aesthetically, but not sure if it is fitting in this particular case, any comments are welcome.

    Altar during the day


    Altar at night


    The whole corner



    Vida Norris

    Oh that’s really nice Lucia! The wood is beautiful! I really like how there is a little candle right in the Nativity too! Is it behind it or is there a little spot that it can sit inside? It’s very lovely. I found that was something I had wanted in ours, somehow to have a bit of light in it.

    I’ve been wanting to find or build a crèche and have a place for it to sit on and put some hay around it but I’ve just been using a golden scarf in the meantime. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the peaceful feeling as well. Once we set ours up I felt something similar when I stood in front of it. And every time I came in the room I really enjoyed seeing it there and and spending time looking at it.



    Hi Vida, the light is behind the “door” of the Nativity. If it was possible, I would like the light coming from the baby Jesus, but because of the wooden roof, it could not be placed there. 🙂


    Jenny Resnick

    Very nice set, Lucia. I love the morning star on the roof 🙂

    The palm tree is really interesting too — sort of an unexpected touch at first sight, since it seems I’m so accustomed ferns and pines being associated with Christmas time, but it brings a nice historical touch to the scene.

    Are your figures detailed or painted or more abstract?



    Hi Jenny,

    The figures are carved, here are some more detailed photos:





    I love the earthy look of your nativity scene on the fireplace Vida – that must really stand out in the room.  I also love the look of the carved wooden figures Lucia.  I also have a carved nativity set by a popular artist named Susan Lordi (Willie Tree series) that I’ve had now for several years pictured here on my console facing north:


    And a second and older “life-sized” one pictured here on my cabinet facing east:


    I had initially posted these photos before in the new year but figured they might have been to late after Christmas.  I’m glad to see that others are posting theirs and displaying them so beautifully.



    Really liking that last one you posted Patricia. Nice work!



    Oh waow, @vida @lucia and @patricia!! Really lovely nativity sets all around – I’ve been looking around where to acquire one that would lasts us for years / lifetime if possible and it’s been difficult to choose, so it’s nice to see what you ladies have found. I was also trying to find one with a setting of a cave but the stable setting is much more common, and the cave is a lot rarer. Thanks so much for sharing, it is really inspiring!

    As a child, we used to always have a nativity setting that my mother put out at the beginning of December, but I did not know much about it, except that baby Jesus would be added to it on the 24th, at midnight and the 3 kings would appear on January 6th next to his crib – my mum used to have them across from the room, and each day, she’d move them closer 🙂 – I used to love looking at it, even though I barely had any knowledge of the life of Jesus, his trials and miracles, it was something that I really enjoyed looking at as a child. I really think that the symbols that the nativity set represent must really speak to something within and that consciousness resonates with it.


    Anne Linn

    Those are beautiful Patricia. I’ve always loved the willow tree figurines. They have such a lovely feeling to them. I have one standing on my desk called happiness, which has a special meaning to me 🙂

    The other nativity you have is gorgeous as well. Love the mix of white, silver and gold.

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