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    I’d like to share two lovely versions of this sacred mantra from the ancient vedic text the Yajurveda. It’s a prayer to the Hindu deity Shiva and its origin is explained very well in the following short article from this site: Om Namah Shivaya

    I find the mantra very relaxing to listen to or chant and feel the two particular interpretations of it that I selected each have their own uniqueness in their interpretation of it. The first is a beautiful choral version by Robert Gass and On Wings of Song, from the album Om Namah Shivaya. I have included two versions of it. The first is a shorter version and the second is the extended version.

    The second interpretation is a much shorter and sparser, but nevertheless quite personal acapella rendition by Sheila Chandra from the album Weaving my Ancestors’ Voices. I also found an ambient version of it, which although it has some electronic percussion in parts, is fairly respectful to the original. I would definitely recommend the original version in preference, if anyone would like to use the mantra to chant along to. But the remixed version is quite pleasant to listen to in the background, while working for example.

    I hope you enjoy listening to these mantras and trying them out on your own.



    I realised I missed out the link for the original Sheila Chandra version. Here it is:



    I have never heard the Chandra version before. Its lovely. Listening to a new version of this mantra seems to bring new life to it, since I have sung it so many times before and have only been familiar with a few variations.



    I agree Olga, it was very refreshing to listen to this version. I really like the little trill the singer does with her voice at the end of some lines. 🙂 I have also been wondering to what extent it matters if they slightly change the words, for example in this case “Om Namaha Shiva” instead of “Om Namah Shivaya”.

    Otherwise this is the version I often listen to:



    Thanks Michael I also never heard that Sheila Chandra version, it’s very nice and I found its gets better as I listened to it more. Like there’s something warm in her voice.

    I could hear what the ‘ambient’ one was going for, which I think could possibly work well sometimes to have a sort of drone or mono tones welling up and accompanying it in the background, however in my opinion for this particular one the execution wasn’t quite there. 🙂

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