Quechua Lullaby.

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    I came across a song on Youtube after hearing this one, Intiq Churin, that Lucia posted. (Not sure how well this officially falls under traditional music.)

    It’s a lullaby sung in one of the Quechuan language family languages spoken primarily in the Andes and highlands of South America, says wikipedia. One person mentioned this particular song is in the Kichwa language from Ecuador.

    It’s called ‘Punulla waway’, which I believe might mean ‘Sleep my child’. Further lyrics include, I believe, references of the mother going to work in the land. So perhaps she sings this soothing song before going away 🙂

    I found it very lovely with the mother’s voice being gentle, but there’s also the ‘sandy flute’ that has a power to it.

    With the birth of the baby child during Christmas coming up at the winter solstice I thought it could be appropriate listen to some gentle lullabies like this.


    Jordan Resnick

    Very nice, thanks for posting Karim.

    You wouldn’t happen to know of anywhere where the lyrics are translated into English would you?



    Thank you for sharing Karim, its very nice! I really like Quechua songs, they have something really gentle and natural to them.

    I also like the idea of collecting some beautiful (preferably native) lullabies around the Christmas time. It would be great to have their lyrics in English, but its not always possible with these types of languages, and also lullabies usually have extremely simple words anyway, something like “sleep little baby (boy), the night is calm…” or something like that, like for example this native Lakota lullaby.


    Jordan Resnick

    Thanks Lucia,

    I just wanted to mention that the example you gave as you said comes from the Lakota tradition, which we’re not sure is related to the Religion of the Sun at this stage. There are so many different peoples, tribes, and cultures in North America that we just haven’t had a chance to look into properly yet.

    We will be doing more research on more cultures and traditions though, and will be expanding and updating the descendants page as we uncover more information.



    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for the update! I agree, its sometimes hard to figure out what is coming from where, especially if you don’t know much about a particular culture… Looking forward to the expansion of the list and let me know if you need any help with the research.



    Hi Jordan,

    Taking a translation that a Youtube commenter by the name of Runasimi : Idioma Quechua gave into Castellano, and then running that through Google translate into English, and then me editing the grammar without speaking Spanish 🙂 produced the following:

    “Just sleep my child, just sleep
    Just rest my child, just rest
    I have to go to work the earth
    I have to tend the grazing flock
    The spirit must come round my child
    The evil will come round, my child
    If it but hears you crying
    “Come with me” he’ll have to say
    And if you will be gone my boy
    And if you will be gone my son
    With whom am I going to talk, I do not know
    With whom am I going to laugh, I do not know
    Where will I encounter you, I do not know
    Where will I find you, I do not know
    My child with whom I laugh
    My child with whom I play.”


    Jordan Resnick

    Thanks for that Karim.

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