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    I came across this really nice looking wooden candle holder in the shape of a solar cross. The workmanship looks solid and it’s made of pine wood. It’s a nice large size too, 17,5 cm. I thought it would look beautiful on a shrine. The artist also has a swastika shaped candle holder also made of pine, a bit smaller, 10,5 cm.

    Then slightly unrelated but I also came across this shop – Ceramystery. They are creating everyday clay ceramics some of which have solar symbols on them and remind me of archaeological finds of ancient cultures.

    Coffee cup and saucer with spirals

    Bowl with sun and spiral

    Bowl with ancient spiral ornament



    Very, very lovely items 🙂 @laura



    Yes they’re very nice Laura. I liked this Celtic Sun Cross one too, and this one which holds five candles.



    That’s a beautiful cross candleholder Laura!  I think its very symbolic to have the light burning in the middle like that.

    And that ceramystery shop is such a fun! Really nice way of bringing the ancient decoration motifs into the everyday use. I am reading that they even use an ancient Slavic technique of “milk firing” that gives the ceramics a natural water proof qualities. I really like their fruit strainer – very pretty and practical too.



    Great finds Laura. Some of those would make perfect additions to shrines, or the home in general.



    @lucia, that’s really nice they’re also using an ancient technique to make the ceramics, on top of incorporating ancient solar symbology on them. It’s actually a fantastic idea – to create similar ceramics to the ancients and similar symbology, even exactly the same decorative motifs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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