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    Dara P

    Came across this very nice single sun spiral ring while looking for something else. It’s handmade by a seller in Germany. Not very expensive either for a lovely ring.



    Good find Dara. It looks simple yet nice, definitely something that could easily be added to every clothes too.



    Oooh, I like this ring πŸ™‚ Very pretty!


    David G

    That’s cool Dara – looks like there’s quite a lot of different spiral type rings.

    This is a nice one too, reminds me of some of the images in the double spiral symbols gallery.



    I like this kind, made from a shell known as ‘Shiva’s Eye’. I actually had one years ago that I had made into a ring from a shell I found on the beach.



    Very nice rings! The only pity is that none is from brass or looking golden-like.


    Dara P

    That’s a nice one Ella! I haven’t seen that type of shell before.

    Lucia, yeah well there’s an option to get that one I posted made in 14k gold but that’s $$$. Could probably ask them to do it in 9k/ 10k.

    David, I quite like the ring you found as well, the hammered copper look reminds me of the sun spirals etched in stone, that kind of earthy texture. And the size of that ring would be good if you want it to be seen from a distance, or if you want something that isn’t so dainty/ delicate.



    Hi Dara, I loved that one you found! It is delicate and simple. Really neat.

    Here are a couple of them I came across:
    (a bit on the big size)
    (toe ring – if you like to wear sandals πŸ™‚ )



    A beautiful ring Dara. Has a genuine and earthy feel to it.

    @david, a very nice one, powerful somehow.

    @ella, that’s so pretty, it’s so neat we can just wear a piece of nature that has the sun symbology incorporated into it.

    Recently I bought this pendant, fashioned out of a fossil that is about 80-100 million years old (I think). Makes your mind spin when you think how old the spirituality of the sun really is, how it’s been with our world and part of the make up of our world since the beginning of time and much beyond.



    Oh that is such a beautiful pendant Laura! Very special indeed too. It somehow made me feel connected to Mother Earth when looking at it, how this symbol in nature became fossilized through time and chemistry. It just captures so many concepts into one: time, the role of Mother Earth and the meaning of the spiral in itself in relation to the sun..

    But on top of that, I have a special fondness for ammonites.. My parents had a very large fossil, an ammonite, actually they still have it, and as a child, I used to look at it, hold it, touch it, and retrace the spirals, like a lot…! I even brought it to school for a project on fossils, and was soooo happy to share it with others. Though I can’t remember other kids being as interested in it as I was πŸ˜‰ I was just really fascinated by it – for me, it was almost a bit magical I guess, to see such mathematical beauty represented in nature, and what could it mean, how it came to existence and so forth.. It was just ‘way too cool’ in a sense and being able to hold it like I did, like it made me wonder about things. So yup, I totally ‘dig’ your pendant πŸ˜‰ and it really brought back that magical geekiness I had about it as a kid.. And how now that symbol carries more meaning to me as well.



    @Geraldine, that’s really great, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I think it’s so nice you had this sense of wonder about it as a child, like you had an intuitive understanding of the magnificent knowledge and principles behind it. It’s a shame the others maybe couldn’t relate to it that much but it’s nice you tried to share it with them anyway πŸ˜‰

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