Völuspá – By Wardruna

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    Anne Linn

    This is another song by Wardruna which I thought was interesting. He sings parts of a poem in which a wise woman, a seer, speaks to Odin about Ragnarok, the beginning and the end of the world. And how the world goes in cycles.

    Here is a video of the same song with lyrics

    Translation of the whole poem



    Thanks Anne. Wardruna and Einar always bring something amazing with their special style of Scandinavian/Norse folk music.



    Good find Anne, thanks for that.



    This is my favourite song by Wardruna.


    Jordan Resnick

    Interesting. I found this a while ago and was going to post it here too, though hadn’t had a chance to look into the lyrics in depth yet so I hadn’t gotten around to it. In any case, in terms of the music in and of itself, I think it’s great. Thanks for posting Anne Linn.


    Jenny Resnick

    I really like this song as well. Einar’s singing is beautiful.


    Justin Norris

    I really like when Einar performs these solo instrumentals. He has such a powerful presence, like a bard from ancient times.

    I found his commentary at the beginning of the first video interesting. Not sure what time of year it was when he was singing, but basically he was describing how the decreasing of the light during the year represents a time of death for things that need to die, but that this allows the light to be reborn later. This is an insight very much aligned with the Religion of the Sun.


    Anne Linn

    @justin I can totally imagine Einar as a bard from ancient times 🙂 I also liked what he said at the beginning of the video. It seems he was singing this sometime in winter. Maybe close to the Solstice since he’s talking about the turning of the sun.

    I also like the two people standing still listening to him, dressed as Vikings. They bring a nice atmosphere to the video.


    Justin Norris

    I was inspired to listen to some more Einar Selvik today and came across this video from a solo concert he did in Krakow, Poland.

    He talks for a while at the beginning about some of his motivations for making music, how he connects to the Norse tradition, and why he feels it is important in today’s world to connect people to something bigger than themselves.

    He noted that, while he is often associated with “viking” music, he actually doesn’t find the “viking age” period (roughly 8th – 11th century AD) very interesting and believes this it is when the Norse culture began to go downhill, when people forgot the old ways and become more oriented around money and land, etc.

    He locates his inspiration further back into the Bronze age, when he feels Norse culture was a nature-based tradition focused particularly around the sun, and it is this more ancient culture that he tries to represent in his music.

    Overall I found him quite insightful (and also funny) throughout the video.

    The songs are very nice and he plays a number of traditional instruments in them. The first piece is called “Sowelu” which he states is the Norse rune of the sun, and apparently the song describes the solar chariot that is common in many Indo-European myths.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a good translation of the lyrics nor have I investigated the lyrics for the other songs he sings. So I just wanted to make that caveat that I can’t vouch for the complete contents of the video but thought it was worth sharing because of the interesting perspectives he gives about his music and the Norse tradition.

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