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Evidence of Ancient Civilization of Giants in America — A Presentation by Jim Vieira

Montana Dolmens

An example of a dolmen found in Montana — an area that contains many megalithic structures.
Photo © Julie and Bill Ryder (shared with permission from their website Galactic Facets)

All across the United States ancient structures are found that are aligned to solstices and equinoxes, indicating a very ancient presence of the civilization of the sun across the continent.

These sites can be found in all shapes and sizes: cairns, stone chambers, dolmen, monoliths, mounds, effigies, and so on, and were clearly built using astronomy, math, great masonry skills, the use of advanced technology — the same as seen at ancient sites from other parts of the world. Many share architectural similarities to other ancient sites found in the UK and parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Mesoamerica.

Then there are literally thousands of skeletons of an entirely different race of people that is unknown to us today, with very different physical characteristics to modern humans (7 or 8 feet tall, double rows of teeth, six digits, etc. — in historical records they were often referred to as giants) extracted from some of these sites or their surroundings, pointing to a specific civilization that clearly existed in the US (and elsewhere around the world) and likely built these sites or later used them. There are hundreds of matching historical records of their remains being found, but their skeletons have all been virtually made to “disappear” under the watch of the institutions that were entrusted with their preservation.

An example of a stone chamber

One of the 13 ancient stone chambers at Mystery Hill in Salem, New Hampshire, USA (also known as America’s Stonehenge).
Photo by J. Miers, by [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

These findings are further evidence that North America has a far more rich, diverse, and ancient history than we are led to believe. It was visited and inhabited by many cultures and people in the past, and the Religion of the Sun has a longstanding presence on the continent. Yet very little is actually known about the people known as “giants”, as unfortunately these sites and findings are often dismissed, ignored, “lost”, destroyed, left to vandals, or misrepresented.

In the video presentation below by researcher and stonemason Jim Vieira, a variety of these seldom spoken about sites and findings from New England, USA can be seen.

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • According to the information around the web, I can say that there are a lot of similarities between information about ET life and information around giants and I speculate that in the same way there are hoaxes, on purpose confusion, secrecy and such as well.
    It’s a pity there isn’t much information left but I wish to be found in the future.
    Thank you Jenny for bringing this up into the

  • What a great video. Despite so much being lost (eg, “mounds removed for road fill” or turned into a golf course), it’s amazing what has survived the centuries. I doubt that any of our buildings would survive a tenth of the time that these structures have.

    We are always led to believe that we are so intelligent and advanced, yet clearly ancient civilisations were far more in touch with the universe and understood the importance of things that have since been lost. I can’t really understand the reasoning for the lies, but it most likely lies in issues of power, money and control. Most unfortunate for those who long to know the truth.

    At least there are many still looking to uncover this information. Maybe one day someone will discover where the giant skeletons have been hidden (hopefully not destroyed)!

    Thanks for this great information.

  • What an epic presentation, thanks Jim Vieira for all your work.

    The first half was very interesting in its own right. But the second part about the giants, wow! (and if anyone thinks writing the words ‘giants’ makes me seem a bit silly, watch the video :-)! )

    On the first half:
    A few things that stood out to me: “Another thing the moundbuilders did was, they extracted between 500 million and 1.5 billion pounds of the purest garde copper on Earth from the upper peninsula in Michigan. Scientists and engineers estimate it would take ten thousand men a thousand years to extract that much.” Mentioning this was a proper civilisation, not merely some hunter gatherers. It definitely doesn’t fit into that ‘vague’ image I have in my mind about pre-Columbian American people.

    When he was talking about the tunnels it reminded me of something Dr. Steven Greer mentions (on the UFO subject though) on how to keep a big secret— that is by hiding it in plain sight. This guy also mentions, if I understand correctly, that in a way these findings when viewed in isolation and from a certain paradigm then they don’t make sense and it’s sort of left at that. Yet if you’d see things from a bigger picture and different view, e.g. there being advanced cultures there, such finds do make perfect sense.

    I like how he brings in his own stonemason knowledge and explains how some of these structures made of stone are not that simple to build at all.

    It’s also interesting how these stone chambers are all over the place and yet are so similar, most aligning to the spring equinox and winter solstice.

    On the giants:
    I was perplexed and surprised at the credibility of the sources speaking about what you can rightfully call Giants (averaging 7 foot, but up to 10 foot 9 inches!). Incredible. As mentioned in one of the many articles he pulled up: “In the mound uncovered were found the bones of sixty-eight men….. . The average height of these men was seven feet, while many were much taller”

    !A thousand accounts of these giant skeletons he has amassed, he says. In fact I loved hearing him speak and bring to light this mystery of giants. Something mysterious now made more real for me. Wow!

    Really loved this video. As someone in the Youtube comments says he sticks to the facts he’s found.

    On a slightly different note: Hearing about these giants now actually brings to mind something peculiar. (From memory) How some years ago there was a contest online I believe with the subject to most realistically Photoshop giant skeletons? And quite a few of the images of huge giant remains found in archaeological digs looked very real obviously. Then afterwards these were often used online in articles and people who thought the photos were real were proven wrong. However that doesn’t mean actual finds of the giant skeletons are not real. But it seems like a nice tactic to cover things us and confuse facts. Just a thought.

  • That presentation by Jim is amazing, so much information packed into an hour. I feel like I’ll need to watch it again to fully absorb it all, but a few things stood out:

    – How the same evidence and same way of speaking about scientific findings (such as giant skeletons with double rows of teeth) was present in a lot of different places and has somehow been suppressed from modern memory.
    – I also really like how he showed the same building style with layered stones being used all around the earth
    – The numbers of sacred sites defying the contemporary explanations given for them was also astounding

  • I like how Jim Vieira is also a stone mason. You can here his enthusiasm, knowledge and appreciation of the advanced work put into these mounds: ”Very beautiful. There is like an artistic nature to it. That stone right there in the corner, I swear it was chosen because its so beautiful.”

  • What a riveting video. The sheer number of examples of advanced stone structures in America was just incredible.

    I particularly like the debunking of the notion that these were just colonial root cellars – given that many were found far from actual colonial settlements, had no evidence of doors (to keep out animals), and tests showed they would not have preserved food, etc.

    There is also the quality of the masonry, the enormous stones, and the precise solar alignments that argue that these structures were made with great effort and deliberation by a sophisticated culture.

    I was also shocked at how these monuments are treated, with many of them being destroyed and used for road fill. At around 21:39 the speaker makes a good point, showing pictures of nearly identical structures in Ireland and in the USA, with the first being treated as a treasured historical site, and the second treated as almost worthless, with vandals using spray paint inside it, etc.

    The reports of giant skeletal remains are also quite remarkable. I did a bit of research and it seems modern skeptics like to dismiss these as nothing more than a wave of hoaxes. However, it is hard to imagine so many reports in newspapers and respected scientific journals all being the result of simple hoaxes – especially as the remains were being investigated by doctors, scientists, and other credible individuals. The volume of reports in respectable publications over at least 60 or 70 years suggests something more is going on.

    Even if there were some actual hoaxes, this would not be a valid reason to write-off the entire phenomena – with apparently hundreds of reports across a wide area and over time – anymore than a hoax dinosaur skeleton would be cause to say that all dinosaur bones are fake.

    In fact, the “hoax” argument seems similar to what happens with UFOs and crop circles, where occasionally what appears to be an obvious hoax crops up and is then used as ammunition to discredit the entire category – all despite reams of compelling evidence that is typically swept under the rug.

  • This is definitely one of the more eye-opening presentations I’ve seen in the past few years. All those reports of giant skeletons in the 1800s is quite intriguing, and as Jim Vieira pointed out aren’t from “UFO Magazine.”

  • Thanks for posting this, it was a really interesting video to watch. It’s incredible how many ancient ruins/structures are in the US. The stone structures in the New England area are remarkable. There are many mounds in the area I grew up. Many are in state parks and are preserved and marked, however they are attributed to American Indians, just as the presenter in this video described. I’ve also come across old newspaper articles from in the region I grew up talking about the discovery of giant skeletons.

  • The discovery of skeletons from a lineage of people that appear to be distinct from modern humans is an amazing find. So it’s a pity that rather than embracing this discovery and using it as a starting block to learn more about human ancestry, certain individuals would prefer to keep it hidden and continue repeating what is already known. I hope that more evidence can come to light.

  • Jim Vieira’s presentation in this video really is mind-blowing. It’s staggering how many old sites there are spread across North America that are aligned to Solstices or Equinoxes and yet we hardly hear anything about it. He shows example after example — it really is eyeopening. I knew sites existed, but I had no idea there was this many, right under people’s noses.

    And then there is the evidence of a prior race, now extinct, of very tall people who used these sites. I really am surprised just how much recorded evidence there is of their skeletal remains being found — he pulls out a number of old newspaper and even scientific reports of them being discovered, and the reports all match in their descriptions of the remains in various locations. It’s noteworthy that even though museums claim the giant skeletons they were entrusted with have since been “lost” or “stolen”, they don’t actually deny they had remains fitting these historical descriptions.

    This sort of information really changes the whole way you look at North American history. There obviously were prior civilizations there that people today seem to want to ignore or erase from memory. The history books need to be re-written — as Jim points out at the end, it really does seem that we have been lied to.

    • Yes, it’s mind blowing indeed. He presents so much information in a blow after blow manner!

      “Something’s profoundly wrong… You know you’ve been lied to. You’re irritated and you’re sick of it. It could be The Fed, it could be the Military Industrial Complex — whatever it is — it’s beyond parties.
      It’s about humanity and wanting to create a civilization of loving connection versus fear and separation”.

    • All the type of information makes it very clear to me that we have been lied to. Thanks Matthew what you’re saying makes complete sense.

  • This is a really interesting video. I am amazed at how much megalith construction is present in North America – it seems like anywhere you look you find something of ancient cultures.

  • I’ve heard about this before quite a bit but never got around to actually seeing the video yet – looking forward to it!

    • Finally got a chance to see the whole thing. All-in-all, amazing! He comes across as such a down-to-earth guy, and the amount of research that’s gone into this with all the different examples makes it all very compelling.

      Interestingly, some of the pictures he showed reminded me very much of some stone structures and long stone walls I’d seen quite often while out on walks in the woods before a couple years ago. I think I’ll definitely keep my eyes more open to things like this in future – you just never know where a sacred site might be hiding in plain sight so-to-speak!

      • Yes that’s right. Seeing pictures of some of the stone structures in familiar landscapes made me realize that there could be lots of ancient treasures hiding in plain site. Overall I’ve come to realize there are lots of valuable things I may have previously disregarded because of various assumptions. I hope to have my eyes a bit more open in the future!

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