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Quest for the Lost Civilization

Graham Hancock Explores the Presence of a Lost Civilization Around the World

In a series of three documentaries, writer and researcher Graham Hancock brings together the incredible similarities of great ancient sites, monuments and stone structures in the jungles, deserts and islands across the globe.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is an ancient site aligned to the spring equinox sunrise.

Traversing to renowned archaeological sites aligned to the equinoxes and solstices such as Angkor Wat, the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, Hancock presents revealing evidence of a highly intelligent society that traveled the sea across great distances. His ongoing research continues to raise awareness of an ancient people unlike any we know today that left behind a testament of advanced astronomical knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

The video series can be watched in the UK on Channel4

Please note, while these videos provide a great deal of useful information, the views expressed may not always align with those of the Spiritual Sun.

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  • Thanks for posting Olga. Very interesting content but sad that someone can so clearly articulate and make these connections and yet despite the proof supporting it is ostracised by the scientific and archaeological communities. Such a deep well of ignorance out there especially when it gets even remotely close to anything of esoteric value.

  • I really enjoyed watching this documentary. Graham Hancock has done such a great job to go into great detail, joining the dots to uncover our humanities lost roots.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve only watched the first two thirds or so, but it’s a pretty awesome documentary so far.

    A few of the things that really stand out are that it’s very different being able to see the ancient sites in video rather than just looking at pictures. The scale of them really comes to life when you see the camera moving through the sites along with Graham, it’s amazing how large they really are. That scale isn’t so obvious when it’s just in photographs.

    It’s also really amazing being able to see some of the alignments of the sun with the different sites on the solstices / equinoxes, or to see the simulations of what the alignments would look like. Again it brings it to life in a way that photographs aren’t able to so much, and it’s amazing see how precisely built the sites were.

    I also really like the way that Graham walked through his steps for matching up the ground plan and alignments of different sites with constellations as they were in 10,500 BC. How he first had to flip the constellations around, and then go backwards in time to find the date when the alignments were perfect as a way of dating the sites.

    I didn’t really like the bit about the human sacrifice at Chichen Itza though. Seems like the way it was portrayed was as a spiritual thing, when it seems like instead those practices start happening when civilizations degenerate and move really far away from spiritual principles and understanding.

  • This is wonderful. It is great that a “celebrity” in his field Graham Hancock is spreading awareness about this important issue. I have been thinking for a while, how all these explorers and researchers that are discovering these groundbreaking things must be probably guided by the Divine in order to bring this lost knowledge to humanity.

    Thank you for posting this documentary, it is a good tip for a movie night.

  • It is very interesting to have someone of this age travelling around the globe and rediscovering the lost thread of the human history. Many people are perplexed by the ancient sites and the people who built those monuments so this research will hopefully bring some understanding and awareness of the message that was left by those who lived way before us.

  • I really enjoy his documentaries and the work he’s uncovered and pieced together — pretty extraordinary. I also think his perseverance to go against mainstream research is impressive as well as his open-mindedness to delve deeper into the true purpose of these ancient sites and how they very much reflect a deep spiritual knowledge that is interconnected with the movements of the cosmos. Also, the enthusiasm when he visits these sites is great to watch 🙂

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