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The Lost Civilization of the Sun – A Missing Link in our Ancient Past

Sakro Sawel has released an expansive new video on the lost civilization of the sun. It tells the incredible — and virtually unknown — history of how the foundations of civilization in our post-glacial age were laid at the end of the last ice age by an advanced seafaring culture, who themselves inherited knowledge from even older civilizations like Atlantis and Hyperborea.

Many cultures around the world recall a “great flood” in their mythologies and oral histories, which likely refers to the catastrophic rise in sea levels and flooding marking the end of the last ice age, when ice caps melted. After this cataclysm, any scattered human survivors were plunged into chaos, living basic subsistence lives.

However, a number of cultures around the world recall how seafaring wisdom bringers made landfall, carrying with them knowledge of civilization, like farming and writing, and taught people how to live in civilization — a gift we are still inheritors of today.


Depiction of the Hindu story of Manu, saved from a great flood by the god Vishnu in the form of a fish. He was said to carry the Vedas (spiritual knowledge), seven sages, his family, and various seeds and animals in his boat, in order to re-establish civilization. Similar accounts are found in other traditions.

Yet, as the video explains, their greatest gift was of a spiritual kind: the Religion of the Sun. They carried their spiritual wisdom wherever they went — establishing outposts worldwide and building incredible sacred sites that aligned to the sun, and even to each other, across continents.

In the video, Lara Atwood, outlines the rise and fall of this great global civilization — how it it was once the dominant cultural force in our world for thousands of years, yet eventually splintered and collapsed due to war, persecution, invasion, natural disasters, forced conversion and other causes. However the spiritual knowledge underpinning it survived at least in part in various other remnant cultures and societies which descended from it, some of which continue even to this day.

The video shows how our current civilization traces back to this lost time. The knowledge of civilization passed down over generations, that  perhaps many take for granted today, was inherited from an advanced people who are now almost completely forgotten. But while civilization has survived, the spiritual wisdom that once underpinned and was central to it has been lost. Yet for any seeking to reconnect with their ancient roots, understanding our past provides a way to rediscover and renew the timeless spiritual knowledge our ancestors carried. This video provides a great starting point for a journey into a rich forgotten heritage, filled with spiritual treasures.

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Matthew Osmund

Matthew Osmund is Chief Editor of, a website exploring the history and practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun. A keen writer since his youth, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and has a natural interest in probing hidden truths and higher knowledge. He felt called to study spirituality in 2004 and has pursued it ever since. On The Spiritual Sun, he directs his skills and inquisitive nature towards shedding light on the ancient Religion of the Sun, which he investigates both as a writer/researcher and practitioner.


  • Amazing video. Brought a little lump to my throat and tear to my eye. Some of the information in here just hits you right to the core; it feels like a small part within recognizes the greatness and the truth within Lara’s words … “the actual practise of the Religion of the Sun is possible again today.”

  • Thanks Lara and company for an exceptionally made video. I really enjoyed watching this informative video presentation that discusses and provides us with clues about our ancient past on the lost civilization of the sun. It’s truly amazing to learn that this lost civilization helped to bring the Religion of the Sun, great spiritual knowledge, enigmatic architecture and civilization to many different cultural groups across the world. Looking forward to learning more about them.

  • Another great video, thanks for posting this!

    It’s such a shame that the lost civilization of the sun mostly either degenerated into something else essentially through the introduction of dark practices and/or degradation of principles, or was persecuted out by conquerors over and over again wherever it appeared over time. Thank goodness, as Lara points out, many brave people have left signs and symbols such that those interested could reconnect once again with the Religion of the Sun.

  • The story of the lost civilization and the spiritual heritage it represents is really incredible, and the video is just so well done too.

    It puts all the pieces in place in such a clear, compelling, and straightforward way, presenting an entirely new narrative of history than what the mainstream provides and detailing the wealth of evidence to support it.

    It’s occurred to me that the story is so epic, sweeping, and universally important in its scope – it has all the necessary components of a great film. The great ancient civilization of Atlantis, the coming of a catastrophe, the divine plan and mission of the sages, the spread of solar civilizations across the world after so much destruction, their growth, development, and eventual disintegration, and then the re-emergence of that ancient tradition today….more epic than Lord of the Rings 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly have high hopes for that to happen anytime soon (given the sordid state of the entertainment industry), but just saying it really seems like something that could be effectively dramatized in a work of art somehow.

    • I agree, the information presented in this video is so amazing, the scope and significance of it…. It’s information that deserves to have so much more reach than it has now. Hopefully in some way it can happen. These videos though are a great start.

  • An exceptional video, bringing to the forefront that which has been hidden in plain sight but across continents and vast distances. Once the parallels are made clear, it is hard to ignore the commonalities. This ancient and lost civilization was a global phenomenon even by today’s standards! They venerated the Sun (in a spiritual sense) and left such huge monuments as proof of this significance. It has left behind such a legacy that continues to be discovered and uncovered – the pieces slowly coming together to reveal a hidden truth. Perhaps history needs to be reviewed. Perhaps it is time to revive this ancient and profound religion once again, to discover that which the ancient peoples knew but has been lost through time.

  • Such great information for these difficult times.
    So much to look into – inspires me to keep looking into the different civilisations that have already
    been but more so make me want to practice this in my own life.

    Thanks so much!

  • Really enjoying this information, so profound, It really surprise me that this knowledge is not more main stream, I really hope more people will become aware of this important knowledge

    Really appreciate this site and the insights its helping to spread

    • There really does seem to be a gaping black hole in our everyday understanding of our own history and heritage. Once I started learning about it, it also surprised me too that something so big as an entire civilization, whose presence in a way is staring us all in the face — given all the megalithic sites around the world encoding similar principles — could become so forgotten, unknown, covered up or ignored.

  • This video is so beautifully made and so interesting. The music is also wonderful.

    It must have been amazing to be there when those wisdom bringers arrived. It’s hard to imagine living such a basic existence before that, without knowledge about marriage, writing, agriculture etc. I wonder how long people lived like that.

  • All these videos that Sakro Sawel produces are a real eye-openers, unparalleled by any others out there, and what’s more, really beautifully done. Thank you very much for providing these unbelievable insights and connections to the people of today, those who are thirsty for this kind of knowledge.

    • I agree, these videos are beautifully done and unparalleled in this field, and the information they contain is truly without compare.

  • It’s just so amazing to realise that true spiritual knowledge has been, or was, so integral to people of the past, our past! It somehow just feels like a privilege that our planet too was given to have this divine knowledge. And that rather than our past being ‘primitive’ and something disconnected from the rare modern practitioner of self-knowledge and spiritual exploration today, that in fact there was a civilisation or societies which practiced this same knowledge! It’s true, you open an archaeological book of one area or another and the crosses, swastika’s and solar related symbols flood the pages!
    It’s just that we have not been able to recognize this for what it is, but that seems to be changing now. Thank you Sakro Sawel! Rewriting history is certainly exciting stuff.

    • Yep, quite amazing! The spread and influence of this civilization/religion is astounding when you look into it.

      What’s great though is that what we are trying to do now is the same spirituality. It really feels like it creates a connection with these past people – there’s this sense of kinship. You can look at their cultures, symbols, sites, and know ‘that’s what I’m doing.’ At least I see that as the potential.

  • Another stunning, well researched and thought provoking video by Sakro Sawel! Thanks Lara and team for making this happen – it is simply amazing to learn more about our human ancestry and hidden history.

  • I learnt so much from watching this well produced and informative video. Thanks Lara and your team for providing this for us to watch. I have appreciated this and pray that this information goes out far and wide.

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