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Canadian Teen Who ‘Discovered’ Lost Ancient Mexican City Says He’s Continuing His Research

William Gadoury of Quebec, Canada is the teen that claimed to have discovered a lost ancient city in Mexico through his observations of stellar alignments and satellite images when coming across a missing corresponding city in the Mexican jungles.

Gadboury has named the site: K’aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire.

In 2016, using photos from the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth, Gadboury pinpointed the location in the thick jungle of Yucatan in Mexico.

The inquisitive youngster, who has a deep fascination with ancient Maya, analysed 22 Mayan constellations and realised that the Mayans aligned their 117 cities with the positions of the stars. (

The satellite images show traces of a pyramid shape, linear patterns, straight lines and sharp corners, hiding under the thick foliage of the jungle.

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His findings received harsh criticism from the scientific community, however Gadoury is still continuing his research, hoping one day to carry out excavations on the site which would cost an estimated $100,000.

Since this article has been published in June 2016, the speculated site is yet to be discovered on the grounds in Mexico.

As Above so Below.

I did not understand why the Maya built their cities away from rivers, on marginal lands and in the mountains… They had to have another reason, and as they worshipped the stars, the idea came to me to verify my hypothesis… I was really surprised and excited when I realised that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities.

— William Gadoury (source)

Similar to the Orion correlation theory, first put forward by Robert Bauval which claimed that the Pyramids of Egypt are a terrestrial map of the Orion Belt constellation, Gadoury searched for the potential Mayan city that would have mirrored constellations in the sky.

Story in development.

Note: it is possible that this city may have been built in pre-Maya times, since evidence suggests that the history of the civilization of the sun in the Americas is far older than suspected within the current mainstream historical narrative.

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  • You can feel that William is sincere and it’s brave of him to appear in the media with his theory, take the backlash and calmly state it not only doesn’t stop him but helps him move forward with his research.

    I find Anthony Aveni’s, the “father of archeoastronomy”, comment a bit strange, about how aligning a map of modern constellations with ancient Mayan sites is just ‘a work of creative imagination’, when a key part of William’s research was discovering how the star map aligned precisely with ancient Maya cities, except for the one that was missing and that he then located (as well as the knowledge of other ancient sacred sites that align with modern constellations, such as Angkor Wat and the pyramids of Egypt such as it was mentioned here too). Someone from the National Geographic who specializes in Maya archeology also stated that there are so many Mayan settlements around that he could have just found one by coincidence. So William was basically dismissed by these condescending conclusions but I hope he can go on to truly conduct his research on site.

  • It is so encouraging to see the open mind and goodness of this boy (that shines out especially from his intervew). I wonder how many more unbiassed youngsters are out there, possibly discovering new things right now. His approach of logical analysis and deduction sounds very good, and it is actually surprising that more renowned scientists or researchers in the area haven’t yet figured it out, despite knowing about the connection between the stars and sacred sites for quite some time now.

    In the interview with National Geographic it is mentioned that an archaeologist offered to guide him on his trip to the jungle, hope they will be able to discover the truth and find many more supporters of this project!

    Also the backslash from the “scientific” community reminds me of the backslash that has befallen the discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia. The same belittling, name-calling and also an out-right blockage of any practical investigation causes these project to move forward only very slowly. However, once discovered, it is just a question of time when the truth comes out fully.

    Also thank you for re-posting this discovery, what exciting times we live in – to think that for so many years all this knowledge has been burried and completely unknown to humanity despite being right here, under our noses is unbelievable.

    • Yes Lucia, I was amazed when I visited the Bosnian pyramids at how much work they had been able to do with only volunteers, how much still was left to be done, how different it was compared to what information there is about it in the mainstream – I had imagined that I would come to some kind of a hill that by stretch of imagination I could make out to be a pyramid and see it as man made and not a natural formation. But it was distinctly something real, especially when visiting the underground tunnels and hearing about and seeing all the research they had been able to do. They had also sent samples to several labs around the world who had confirmed that the layer of stone covering the pyramid was ancient man made cement. So why is no one taking them seriously? The professor leading the project seems very determined and patient, and these qualities seem to be the least you need to be able to make it happen despite no external support or resources.

  • This is such a cool story! For a young person like that to decide to do his own research. *applause*

    What I thought about when reading this, and what I have thought about many times as well when reading more mainstream general Egyptian books for example, is that if you’ve got the wrong belief or wrong ‘bigger picture of the puzzle’ in mind than you can do years of studying in a field, but still completely miss the bigger picture of how it fits together. I’ve seen how that’s totally possible. The opposite can also be true, if you have found the correct viewpoint then all of a sudden all those interesting separate pieces can magically come together.

    There seem to be so many unexplained archaeological discoveries brewing, hopefully things can together to unveil some of these mysteries. I’ve read a few things, but personally know very little about ancient America or pre-Mayan civilisation. Yet I feel there was something amazing there in a time long past…

  • This is an incredible find, which is all the more surprising due to the age of its discoverer. I think it shows how valuable it is to have an understanding of the higher cosmic principles that underpin the construction of many sacred sites, as it is a fundamental aspect of their design. Without this understanding, the many theories that can be devised about the purpose of these sites lack real depth, as they miss the fundamental purpose of why ancient people went to such enormous efforts to construct these sites.

    In one of the original reports of this find, parts of the interview with William Gadoury, who discovered the site, stood out to me. In reply to one question he said “I think scientists are jealous. Sometimes they are scared of new ideas. They’re afraid to have their established ideas criticized.”
    An open and enquiring mind seems so important to uncover what is previously unknown and I think that William’s inquisitive approach has enabled him to think outside of the box, in order to search for something outside of the explanations offered by conventional science.

    Although many scientists like to think of themselves as purely objective and evidence-based, it seems that pre-conceived ideas can really become an obstacle in their pursuit of knowledge. The fact that a 15-year old schoolboy has made what promises to be a significant discovery, which had previously been overlooked, seems to speak for itself. I really hope that William can make use of his enquiring mind in a way that can bring new knowledge and understanding to humanity.

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