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Scientists Verify Stars Create “Building Blocks of Life”

Scientists have long held that stars are the source of the raw elements that make up our world and other planets. Now scientists have discovered that stars also create the organic molecules which are the ‘buildings blocks of life’ — on earth and possibly elsewhere too, since the molecules are widely distributed.

The discovery by researchers from Queen Mary University of London and University College London was recently summarized in an article in The Telegraph.

Original image by ESA/Hubble & NASA (CC BY 4.0) via (image has been cropped)

Ancient practitioners of the religion of the sun viewed the Sun as a creator; this discovery reinforces how their beliefs were in line with cosmic reality.

The article in The Telegraph provides an overview of the discovery and its scientific significance:

When Carl Sagan, the late American astrophysicist, made the comment that ‘we are made of star-stuff’ he meant that all the elements on Earth were once produced in the heart of stars before being flung out into the universe in giant supernovae.

But British scientists have now discovered that the actual building blocks of life itself are also found floating in stardust.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and University College London discovered an organic compound in the swirling material which is forming new stars 400 light years away in the constellation Ophiuchus, The Serpent Bearer.

The area of space is significant because it is a mirror image of how our own Solar System formed billions of years ago, suggesting that life in our section of the universe probably got going in a similar way. It also means alien life elsewhere is more likely…

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  • Thank you Matthew for the article.

    I always find stargazing inspiring and knowing that organic compounds exist around newborn stars even before planets crystallise adds yet more magic to looking up.

  • It’s amazing to contemplate how the atoms and elements within us originated in the stars, with the individual components within us being recycled over millions of years, throughout many forms. Thanks for sharing this article.

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