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A Sampsaean Teaching on Learning from Dreams from the Gospel of Peace

Learning During Sleep -- Essene Gospel of Peace

Image: The Poem of the Soul – The Golden Ladder by Louis Janmot. Public domain image found here

The Essene Gospel of Peace is an ancient manuscript divided into four books filled with the customs, practices, and way of life of a spiritual community that was visited and taught by Jesus. The text records the teachings he imparted to them. The manuscript is said to have remained concealed in the Vatican library for centuries, until the linguist Edmund Bordeaux Szekely came across it while studying there in 1923, and translated it.

Note that the text comes from a region and period where the historical Essene communities were known to exist, and thus has been attributed to them posthumously by scholars. The manuscript never identifies the community as Essene however, and that term “Essene” has become a broad label for a range of spiritual communities that lived in that time and place, some of whom were sun worshippers. It’s most likely the specific community behind these texts were a sect known in their day as the Sampsæans (meaning Sun-worshippers) who apparently converted to Jesus’s esoteric teachings.1

The following excerpt is taken from Book 1, where Jesus is recorded describing the process of spiritual learning that can take place during sleep. He teaches that dreams offer a way to commune with “the Heavenly Father” who will send “his unknown angels” that can “teach you many things concerning the kingdom of God” during the night.

“And God will send you each morning the angel of sunshine to wake you from your sleep. Therefore, obey your Heavenly Father’s summons, and lie not idle in your beds, for the angels of air and water await you already without. And labor all day long with the angels of the Earthly Mother that you may come to know them and their works ever more and more well. But when the sun is set, and your Heavenly Father sends you his most precious angel, sleep, then take your rest, and be all the night with the angel of sleep. And then will your Heavenly Father send you his unknown angels, that they may be with you the livelong night. And the Heavenly Father’s unknown angels will teach you many things concerning the kingdom of God, even as the angels that you know of the Earthly Mother, instruct you in the things of her kingdom. For I tell you truly, you will be every night the guests of the kingdom of your Heavenly Father, if you do his commandments. And when you wake up upon the morrow, you will feel in you the power of the unknown angels. And your Heavenly Father will send them to you every night, that they may build your spirit, even as every day the Earthly Mother sends you her angels, that they may build your body. For I tell you truly, if in the daytime your Earthly Mother folds you in her arms, and in the night the Heavenly Father breathes his kiss upon you, then will the Sons of Men become the Sons of God.”2

Please note, more practice excerpts will be added as and when we find them. While we recommend the practice in this excerpt, featuring a passage from a text does not mean we can vouch for the entire contents of a text.
Jenny Resnick, Jordan Resnick, Justin Norris, and Vida Norris contributed research to this article.

  1. Note: The Sampsæans were described in the contemporary accounts of the ancient historians Philo and Epiphanius. See a summary in “On Some Points Connected With the Essenes” written by J.B Lightfoot in 1875. Lightfoot, a Church Bishop and theologian, labels the form of Christianity they practiced “spurious”, likely because it contained Jesus’ more esoteric teachings that had been rejected by the Church. 

  2. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (translator and editor), The Essene Gospel of Peace,

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  • Thank you Matthew, its interesting to see how the way we live our life fosters that loving connection and our spiritual growth, its like our actions when they support the good in us and the good in the world resonate with the spiritual part of us who oversee our learning and that is what enables the learning and the teaching. It seems to be part of the cycle of giving and receiving in itself.

    I also read something recently regarding how the Armenians, who also consider themselves Children of the Sun/Light, were very quick to follow Jesus as the Christ, because they already had within them the understanding that the Christ can manifest in a person. The Assyrian’s also instantly took to Jesus, as its known that one of Jesus’s apostles brought the news to the Assyrians, and I wondered if that was the same for the Assyrians? Personally I feel that might have been the case.

  • This is really a very strong text which shows how the Divine is in everything we do and how we can take advantage of this beautiful reality in our days and nights, find hope, happiness, beauty, a different purpose in anything we do.
    Thank you very much Mathew for sharing.

  • I love reading the Holy Streams sacred text, so thanks for sharing this passage.

    When I read it, I get a strong sense of continuity of purpose, of constant help, of never being alone, of always being encouraged to do better, to learn more and to grow.

    I also particularly like the way the simple things that we take for granted: air, water and sleep are mentioned as having a very profound spiritual aspect and that we can learn a lot from remembering ourselves and becoming increasingly aware of them!

  • Beautiful said and made a kind of mystic and nursing feeling to me this passage.
    Like there are angels everywhere for any type of occasion.

    Thanks for posting it!

    • In the Essene Gospel of Peace angels are described in everything in daily life, including the angels of work, the angels of rest, the angels of peace, etc., as well as ways to commune with them. I found that very interesting while reading these books as it highlighted the presence of the divine in all aspects of life and the absence of the division of “spiritual” and “mundane” activities.

  • What a beautiful and sweet expert, full of love and so inspiring!!

    And that precious text of Jesus teaching was closed in a cold library, probably banned but surely unknown to people for centuries! What a pity for the humanity!

    Thank you very much, Matthew, for sharing this!

  • This is so beautiful and touches me every time I read it. There’s something very inspiring about learning from the angels of the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother. It makes me feel that every moment is precious and that I can learn a lot if I’m open and “listening” for guidance. I also find it interesting, and a nice reminder, that the angel of sleep is our Heavenly Father’s most precious angel 🙂

    This also makes me want to get up early, at sunrise, or even a bit before. The hour before dawn is beautiful.

  • That’s a very inspiring passage Matthew thanks for sharing. I like how something that reads devotional can be practical with specific ways to get spiritual teachings.
    There is a lot of intelligence when someone manages to express universal truths in simple statements.

  • Hi Matthew. I don’t think I have read this passage before, but it is so inspiring and gives so much hope. Thank you so much for sharing it. It gives me strength.

  • That closeness of our Divine parents to us is something very special. Hope to work together with them as best as I can :-)!

  • Thanks for sharing that Matthew, it’s beautiful. It’s interesting how it says that the angel of sleep is the Heavenly Father’s most precious angel, and then talks about how if we’re fulfilling his laws we can spend every night while asleep in his kingdom. It’s a good reminder how valuable the time is while we’re asleep, not just wasted hours at all! I like too how it highlights the importance of having that connection with the spiritual parents both day and night to become a “son of God”.

  • Thank you Matthew for this passage. It is very comforting to know that night and day we are under the protection and guidance of our divine parents and that there is always something to learn if i can just really listen.

  • Beautiful passage. The description of spiritual learning and divine help as always being so close to us is very inspiring.

  • That’s a beautiful passage, Matthew. It so poetically describes the continuity of learning available to us, through the day and into the dreams and mystical experiences of night. That was a really refreshing and uplifting read. Thanks!

    • I agree, Mike. Just as you said, a kind of poetic nuance makes the message even more special. A very sweet quality to it too.

  • So inspiring to read those words in the sense that we are not alone. I always feel like the night was wasted when I wake up and remember little or nothing at all. Sometimes I wake up remembering nothing but for some reason have good strength for the day and I have the feeling learning maybe taking place even though I don’t remember. I need to practice harder and act right during the day to strengthen the connection and be open to these kind of teachings.

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