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Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for SpiritualSun.com and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • I have been finding this practice tremendous. ! I can feel it physically altering my brain. Balance things out. Thank you so much for sharing this practice!!

  • I was only able to do this practice a few times this week and found it quite challenging to the find the time and a quiet place in nature to try it at noon during the work week.

    During the weekend, I was able to get away to a wildlife conservation area to experience the benefit of doing this practice in the middle of the day (dogs are not permitted in this area so luckily I didn’t have to worry them 😉).

    I found it so relaxing and refreshing to be able to bask outside in the sunshine on top of some warm rocks next to a breezy shoreline and tune into the sounds of nature and work towards silencing the mind. I’m looking forward to continuing with this practice to see where it takes me.

    Doing this practice close to the spring equinox is great too because it’s the time of year when you can really see the signs of nature starting to awaken, bloom and become more active.

    • I also feel that spring time is very suitable to perceive the sounds, smells and sights in nature. It also feels that as a human, after being locked up in winter a bit, we can finally open up to these things again and enjoy them.

  • I’ve recently been having some interesting moments with smell, partly due to spring coming into bloom. A smell can be nice, but quite normal, like (in general) with food for example. But sometimes one can also catch a whiff of some sort of smell or aroma which takes you back into a moment in childhood or some faraway memory.
    I’ve heard that science has recognized the correlation between smell and parts of the brain connected to memory. But I feel there’s also a more esoteric side to it, or one related to consciousness and the psyche. This is because I get a deeper sense or feeling from ‘behind’ that smell. It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out and it seems that at the moment in the past when we first smelled those things and created the memory link, it seems there was some light of perception there which somehow locks onto that memory. When we smell the same thing now, it seems to somehow activate this light of consciousness that was there…?

    So it reminded me of this practice listed here a bit, though that’s about sound and the possible deeper ways we can hear sound. I was wondering Vida if you’d come across any excerpts in this text related to smell perhaps?

  • I tried this practice and although I was only sitting by the window I was able to focus my attention on the sounds outside. I could feel my body and mind relaxing further and the joy of just listening, mostly the birds, came over me.

    I can relate to what some people have said here – that after some time of concentrating on the sounds in nature they transform into something else. When practising this I have also felt as though my perception has deepened at one point and I could hear another layer of it that is not normally perceived. This feels quite magical.

    I am inspired to continue with this focus especailly at this time of the year.

  • Fantastic practice these, very inspiring to read the passages of the Essene Gospel of peace very power teachings , thanks

  • This is such a nice practice, thank you for sharing it. I’ve tried it out for the last few days, and something about it is really appealing… maybe it’s the pausing in the middle of activity to try to hear the voice of God, which instills this sense of listening or extra perception for the rest of the afternoon.

    There’s also something special about it to me, I think just listening for what the sound may be is very inspiring, mysterious in a way… even though the text gives descriptions of the sound, it gives me a feeling of wonder just to imagine how I might perceive it.

    The environment around here in my neighborhood hasn’t been exactly quiet around midday, but nevertheless I still got something from sitting in the sunlight, tuning out the human noise as much as possible and just listening for what I could hear within my ears, the way it describes the sound being present in our ears since birth.

    Will definitely have to try this one again out in nature as I’m sure it would be so much more conducive to the exercise.

  • I tried this exercise today. I don’t feel I managed to reach those states which I think are possible with it, but I did learn things from trying.

    Three points of feedback I have on how it went.
    – I noticed that being able to relax fully seemed almost like a perquisite to be able to reach that point of merging with the sound. I was in a situation where I couldn’t really position myself to properly relax my body and this kept holding me back.
    – The sound around. I was able to hear the sound of water (and breathe fresh air and touch the ground) which was nice. But there were also many other sounds. I found some to be fine, however some sounds had a jarring effect that caused an involuntary reaction in my emotional/solar plexus area. This broke of the practice.
    – The biggest obstacle though, by far, were the thoughts and emotions activated in the mind.
    It felt like I was at one spot and the ‘realm of sound’ in another. Concentration on the sound would connect me to it, and I got tastes of where it was leading, a sort of blissful merger with the sound. The more continuity there was in concentration the stronger this merging felt. However the thoughts and emotions were like a wall that ‘whoom!’ came down in between the two, again and again.

    What is mentioned in the 2nd extract here of unperturbedly bringing the mind back again and again would be key. I managed that somewhat but was limited due to the relaxation factor and other people walking around.

    Also, one more point :-), I realised I’d set myself up for a trap. Because I had put it as a goal in my mind that I wanted to succeed in some way with this practice. Therefore at every forward moment of success in the practice pride came in to talk in my mind, and with every setback an emotional reaction arose to the effort being blocked. The incessantness of thoughts commenting on the practice was incredible! I realised how I couldn’t go anywhere at all in the practice like that, so I had to completely let go of that mental goal first. Not even caring about any result. Then all of a sudden I was free to hear.

    Actually looking forward to trying this again to hopefully break through.

  • I have done concentration/meditation practise with the sound of water before and have felt this unity or maybe part of it. I remember I passed from different stages were felt like communication with the water and end up being one with.

    I’m amazed that this practice was practising so many years ago. But also from this text, it’s so nice their approach. Poetic in a way and practical as well, that really inspires someone to practice it. Definitely myself 🙂

    Thank you Vida and team!

  • The Essene Gospel of Peace is astonishingly gentle, poetic and beautiful, and so is this passage.

    I was observing some farm animals in the summer last year, and they would naturally take a rest at noon. While the sunrise and sunset seem to be active times in nature, noon must be the restful time. I mean it’s interesting that animals sense these things so clearly and it’s natural for them to follow, while we as people often need to make an effort to reconnect to nature’s rhythms.

    How interesting that there is a roaring in the silence, it seems contradictory, but very intriguing and inspiring. It’s very pleasant just in itself to meditate on sounds in nature, especially if you can find a place where no sounds from human civilization can be heard. I was sitting by the shore of a lake attempting this practice a few days ago, but as I tried it I became aware how there were actually a lot of human caused sounds going on, such as traffic and chatter, so that I couldn’t much hear natural sounds, and I felt like I couldn’t do the practice because of this, but possibly I was wrong and should have been patient and listen to all the sounds 🙂 But it was a busy place and time, perhaps I’ll try to find a quieter place next time.

    Thank you Vida.

    • I agree Laura, there’s a really gentle voice from the Essene Gospels. This passage is another example of its special guidance, one that always makes me feel closer to the earth, nature and all of creation.

      I tried this practice yesterday – OK, it wasn’t noon, but it was when I felt like resting! I sat in the grass and listened to the wind in the trees and the birds. It’s a wonderful way to be pulled out of the mind and into the present moment.

      I also love to listen to the silence in the morning, just before the birds start chirping (when I catch it!). That stillness of the noontide rest mentioned here is quite hard to find (perhaps it’s easier in hotter climates where a siesta is more mandatory), or perhaps it’s the internal rush that can be hard to break through in the day. That’s why I love the quietness in the morning, hearing the first vocal warm-ups of the birds, but also just the depth of silence. Hopefully in the summer I’ll have lots of noontide rests, listening to the Voice of God.

      Thanks Vida 🙂

      • I’ve found that if I ‘listen’ to different times of day with consciousness, I’m able to sense that stillness of the noon time as compared to other times, and able to focus on it somewhat (unless I’m imagining it, needs more practice!) Though I’m thinking that currently in Europe where I am, because of the daylight saving time, perhaps an appropriate time to do this practice is at one pm which is the actual noon in natural time, and not 12 pm clock time which is actually 11 am. Though it doesn’t seem to be restricted to only that precise moment but is maybe some time before and after it too.

        I can relate to being in that internal momentum of getting things done at noon, which is why it’s a wonderful time too to make an extra effort to stop and be still : ) I think it’s great you can be up early enough to enjoy the stillness of dawn. Its energy is very enjoyable.

  • This focus on the sound is inspiring, especially the sound of the gushing waters… I love watching and listening to the waterfalls for some reason, and this practice rekindled my inspiration with the sound of water in particular. The image is wonderful too, nicely capturing the stillness of the noon and the light-shadow interplay around that time. Thank you Vida for this focus!

    • Hi Lucia, I thought I’d share something your comment reminded me of. I also love to focus on the sound of rushing water. The times I’ve done a concentration practice on a strong stream or waterfall when I came across one, it was actually quite mystical and it seemed like the sound had endless depth. When focusing on it well enough and long enough it started to sound like something different, I could no longer say it was just water. Also it made me feel like there was a lot more water and much deeper than it actually was.

      • That’s beautiful Laura, thank you for sharing that! I like what you said that it felt to you like there was a lot more water than it seemed on the first sight. I wonder if by your powerful concentration you didn’t by some chance tap into the astral/inner quality of that waterfall. I remember when being consciously in the astral plane for the first time, my bedroom felt much bigger than it normally was (even though its size was the same), as if it was connected to the infinite space… So maybe the waterfall you focused on was also connected to the “eternal stream of water” somehow. 🙂

        During my short concentration on a near-by waterfall during the time of high water last year, the images started arising in my mind of the many ecstatic elementals sliding down from the top of it to the bottom, landing in the little green lake under it… But of course, I didn’t really “see” them, so I am not sure to what extent it was objective, but that humming body of water just felt really joyful and reinvigorating to me.

        • It’s really lovely how you started ‘seeing’ those water elementals in your mind’s eye Lucia : ) It reminds me of how you also mentioned seeing fire elementals in connection to a certain piece of music. How wonderful if what you saw was real… Thanks for sharing that.

          The most memorable time when I was focusing well on the sound of a mountain stream, I could see it as a very deep current containing masses of water booming and swirling around. It reminded me of a very deep pool I had been swimming in as a child. Then opening my eyes it surprised me to realize that it actually looked small and shallow compared to my inner vision. So I don’t know but perhaps you’re right : )

  • I tried this practice today and my focus was wavering unfortunately. Especially being in a park with a few people walking their dogs and of course those lovely doggies would come up for a pat and say hello 🙂

    However it was interesting was seeing how the autumn noontide sun is not directly overhead but off to an angle and more interesting was how it was actually much quieter at this time of the day than other times, it was like how this gospel describes how the creatures are still and seek the shade (except for the dogs who were just happy to be out).

    It’s definitely a practice I’ll keep trying to tune into the ‘sound of God’, especially getting to that inner stillness. Thanks Vida.

    • Hi Layla, funny you mention the dogs 🙂

      When doing this practice I also had a creature jump onto my lap. Pretending, for some reason, it was a waggling puppy (though it certainly wasn’t puppy sized anymore). The experience also featured a lick of my right cheek.

      Not sure if I have the forces of light or darkness to thank.

      • Perhaps the dogs were attracted to the vibrations the mantras produced. I can almost see the way they might perceive these spiritual sounds in the myriad of noise and smells that their bodies are tuned into, and how IAO would be immediately magnetic among the other sensory perceptions. Without social codes to inhibit them, they thus end up running over and saying hi! 🙂

        • I have also noticed there can be this connection between more like-frequencies. In the midst of a crowd of people walking about and chatting about this and that, if in there I manage to have a peacefulness and stillness within, and then a baby in a buggy comes by for example and you look at each other, there can be this communication of consciousness taking place. Stillness to stillness.
          Or similarly with animals, when you give your sincere ‘hi there’ with a pat to that old sweet dog, so innocent and loyal even though his body is crumbling.

          In the recent case I’m not sure what happened there, although it was funny. 🙂 There was this one other occasion, also at the beach, though it was completely empty as I went to see sunrise at 5AM or so. I’d done some mantras and prayers as the sun was rising which felt very special to me. Then I heard some sounds and I looked and I noticed there was a dog ‘Flying!’ at me, something stirred it, so eager to say hi, it was literally (okay not literally) ‘flying’ over the beach towards me, with the owner hundreds of meters away. I do feel that case there was some sort of higher influence there which the dog followed or picked up on. It was very nice for this fellow being to come to me to say hi.

  • I want to try this practice. Around noon feels like a good time to rest for a bit, and to meditate. It really struck me as beautiful how we’re born with the sound of God in our ears. And how we can bathe in “the stream of sound.” There is so much in that passage that speaks to me.

    I also liked the picture of Christ contemplating nature. I feel there’s so much to learn just from being silent in nature. Sometimes it seems to me there’s music all around us.

    • Yes that painting is beautiful. It makes me imagine how much an advanced spiritual person must be able to sense, see and hear in nature.

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