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Vida Norris is a writer and researcher who contributes to the SpiritualSun.com. With a background in permaculture design and landscaping, Vida has a deep interest in the ancient civilizations who practiced the Religion of the Sun and how they lived sustainably and with seemingly higher consciousness and interest in spirituality. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • Thanks Vida for sharing this information. I have always loved this mantra and the energy it generates. Now I have a deeper spiritual understanding about it’s origins.

  • Just wanted to share a curious thing about the English language I came across recently that made me think about this mantra. I read that there’s a rule native speakers follow without being aware of it (“ambulant reduplication”) that means that when you repeat a word changing the vowel, as in ding-dong, tick-tock, sing-song, chit-chat, dilly-dally, etc., the vowels always have to go in the sequence of: IAO. Anything else just sounds ‘wrong’. Linguists debate the reasons why this ‘law’ exists, but I think they are missing the most important piece of the puzzle… that these vowels are esoterically linked to the cycles of creation in the cosmos 😉

    • Now that’s surprising! Interesting that something so sacred and esoteric also appears in something as mundane as that. Though I suppose the origins of any language didn’t start out as mundane, maybe it’s almost like a relic…

  • I tried this mantra a few days ago, in some pretty mundane circumstances though. But I noticed how it brought me a lot of clarity. As people walked by and some walked up to me I could just see them and my mind was very clear.

    I think this mantra is very sacred though and has a lot more potential and power for us to call on the transformative help of the divine.

  • This sounds very soothing and probably the nicest way to sing this mantra. Thank you, Vida, for explaining more about its meaning.

  • As the sun was setting today I was naturally drawn to stopping gardening and sitting down quietly to watch it. I then was drawn to sing this mantra, remembering this post and the hauntingly beautiful melody. All mantras are profound, even one simple vowel contains so much, but the combination of these three feels very special, and to be given understanding that Jesus used this same mantra with his disciples really helps me to approach it with the reverence I need, and would like to even increase when approaching these ancient spiritual practises. So, thank you Vida 🙂

  • I particularly like the recording of the mantra listed here. It reminds me a bit of Gregorian Chant.

    Thanks for sharing, and look forward to practicing it!

  • This mantra is one of my favorites. It’s very soothing to focus on and sing, and it’s nice to contemplate the deeper meaning of it — the ceremonial context of it sounds very interesting.

  • As I study Pistis Sophia this information and Mantra is perfect timing thank you
    I have just listened and will listen again and meditate with it thank you Vida
    I have shared on FB

  • Thank you Vida for reminding us all about this beautiful mantra. A lovely rendition as well; I feel that perhaps in some cases, a respectful and honest subtle singing-chanting of a mantra can be as powerful as a traditional way of chanting mantras that we are all accustomed to.

  • Thankyou , I have been practicing the vowels IAOUA for some months every morning and can say they bring the heart and mind and chakras into harmony and clarity.
    The lovely rendition IAO in the video has inspired me to use it before, as a last practice at night for its soothing and calming effect, Im sure it has far reaching effects that we are not aware of.

  • Interesting riminder. In a second my subconscious echo the sound of the mantra after I understood the meaning of IAO. Amazing memory cell recollection.
    Tks to let we became conscious about
    IAO, The Unity of the Holy Father, Christ, our Lord Almighty!

  • Thank you for this mantra Vida. It’s beautiful serene. It’s great to sing this one more often as it gives peace inside and helps to focus more. I am also looking forward to read the Pistis Sophia and get connected to the deeper meanings of the teachings.

    • I agree Bogdan-Constanin with your description of this mantra’s serenity and ability to help focus the mind. I’ve never read the Pistis Sophia in its entirety (just specific sections of it) but I would like to read and study it further – it seems like it’s filled with some of the most incredible esoteric teachings of Jesus.

  • I love this rendition of the mantra. I remember hearing the first time and being in awe with how mysterious and profound it sounds, and how beautiful and meaningful the image on the video is. It’s pleasant to chant too and I’ll be chanting it again. The meaning is very esoteric, much beyond my understanding of course but gives depth to the practice to know it. Thanks Vida!

  • Thanks for the reminder on this mantra I have not practiced this one for a while and use to be one of my favs It will be added to my weekly practices ; ) , also the meaning of the mantra is quite interesting thanks Vida for sharing

  • Great mantra – there is something powerful about the meaning and chanting each of those letters/vowels in that combination that immediately draws my attention to it. Thanks for sharing the quote.

  • Thanks for sharing the sacred origins of this mantra Vida. The video recording is also a good demonstration of how it can be chanted.

  • Thank you Vida, its a wonderful mantra and the quote from the Pistis Sophia gives it an additional layer of meaning. Somehow, I’ve always thought that I was for Isis, A for Atman/Father, and O was for the Son. Not sure where I heard it, or if I just made it up, but it was nice to read about Jesus’s explanation of it.

    Actually now thinking about it further, it made me wonder if the mantra may have something to do with I and A being the opposites (whether coming forth vs coming back again, or masculine vs feminine), and O being a reconciling/uniting force. From this point of view, it could then have many meanings, based on what those opposites are, working on many levels and layers.

  • Thanks for this article Vida. A very nice mantra and it’s great to understand the meaning behind it – profound as always.

  • Thanks for sharing this mantra and its meaning, Vida. It’s really enjoyable to sing in a group, especially the version from the video. Definitely a favorite : )

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