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Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Hey Jenny,

    Thank you for this great prayer. I can really relate to the passage ‘He grants his gifts to deserving men’. I the last couple of weeks I have learnt to connect more strongly to the divine through prayer. I also feel that when I have put in much effort and have focused more on the divine, that the ‘gifts are more readily given’ if we deserve them after we put in the required efforts. I find this prayer beautiful in that respect. Also the solstice helped tremendously to connect with the divine and ask for further strength on the path ahead.

    Thank you again Jenny for this wonderful text.

  • That’s a very nice prayer Jenny; thanks for sharing it. It’s so important to establish a connection with the divine in our daily lives. Praying to the sun is something I have never done before, even though I always appreciate its life giving properties.

  • Jenny this beautiful prayer reminded me of an experience I had one morning.

    I had gotten up early to watch the morning sunrise and I felt this prayer come from within me, I raised up hands giving thanks and praise to the divine light of this world and I felt as though there was a time that people must have done that in the past, lifting up their arms and hands in thanks and praise to and for the spiritual sun. I also felt this resonance as though it was also done in heaven (though I have no idea if that is true – its just a feeling I had that all the Angels are praising the Spiritual Sun).

    “May the Sun grant this boon to me: Let my mind and my senses be fixed on God. Direct them inward, and thereby reveal, By means of inner knowledge, that radiant One” . Very helpful, when you consider how hard it is these days with all the things hitting our senses and our mind, to orientate our life experiences towards learning about ourselves so that we learn from what we see and experience instead of getting lost in them. It was also inspiring to read how they knew that inner knowledge was the way to the Spiritual Sun, and how beautifully they expressed it in such a few words in a prayer.

    Thanks for the posting about this prayer Jenny!

  • Thank you, Jenny, for sharing this article. What a beautiful prayer!

    It’s really inspiring to pray directly to the Spiritual Sun, the Light of Cosmos to fill our bodies and minds with Its light in order to strengthen our efforts during the practice and generally to do the esoteric work. It’s a real blessing!

  • Such a lovely and profound prayer. I’ll be trying it before meditating and perhaps it’s an appropriate one to do at other times of day as well.

    At this time of year the rising Sun shines into our bedroom and bed, waking one up and making it impossible not to witness the sunrise as its so effortless. And it sets in front of our house, making it impossible not to witness the sunset either… so lately I’ve been making more of an effort to be in tune with the Sun, waking up at sunrise and trying to commune with him in prayer and presence. It’s helped me have more of a feeling of connection to my own spiritual Sun, and helped me feel his power, gain understanding, and be more in tune with the order of things.

    • That sounds wonderful Laura. What a lovely way to start and finish the day, by having that important connection with the sun.

  • Thank you very much Jenny for mentioning this prayer. It is amazing that people have been praying to the Sun since ancient times.

    When the ceremonies to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes were released back in 2011, I remember having a strong urge to pray to the Sun. I felt like such a power for sure must be strong enough to help me in need… And it did, even though maybe not exactly as I imagined at the time. 🙂

    Lately, I have felt inspired to pray during sunset, which feels very calming, and like I am communing with the Sun in a way.

    And here is a Surya Ashtakam mantra I found recently, which is an eight verse octet in praise of Surya – the Sun God. I really liked this particular recording due to its calming feeling and all the birds chirping that reminded me of the times of sunrise or sunset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkyeGCRHObE
    Interestingly this Ashtakam is said to be from the text called Samba Puranam (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samba_Purana), which just on the first glance sounds very interesting.

  • That is really beautiful. Very meaningful and so direct in the way it expressed the importance of the Sun and the Light.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I have been looking for words to express the thoughts and feelings that I feel when watching the sunrise each morning, this prayer has come at the right time for me . so thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you Jenny. I find it really helpful to hear prayers like this, that reverberate throughout time and hit something inside me that unites me with practitioners of an ancient solar religions. Prayers like this feel like guides that help the spiritual longings within me crystallize so that I can understand them better. It’s a hard thing to describe, how hearing prayers helps me to find and witness my own feelings. I’d really love to hear more prayers to the sun, light and fire, and to know how the ancient people experienced their link to this force, or tried to convey it in words.

    • Very well said Ella 🙂 I can relate to it all. How hearing how someone has put words to spiritual feelings or longings helps me recognize and feel them within myself.

      I’d also love to find more prayers to the Sun from ancient cultures. I’ll share one that I happened to come across, from a Siberian people called the Mansi. I tried to find traces of the religion of the Sun in my own heritage and was trying to research peoples’ mythologies who speak languages related to mine. The prayer is nothing as esoteric as the one Jenny shared here but I thought it was interesting how they seem to recognize a being within the Sun and pray to it. If you scroll to the end of this page by Heather Hobden you’ll see it (or do a search (CTRL+f) for the word ‘dawn’, it will take you to it).

  • I was lucky enough to have a warm sun shine into my house for a few mornings recently. So I tried to take advantage of this and position myself in such a way where I could catch these rays. The warmth on my skin was so nice. Obviously with the brightness of the sun you close your eyes and, I guess the same as my body absorbing that warmth, I also naturally felt inclined to try to absorb the inner light of the sun, that warmth in my consciousness, which charged me up for the day ahead I felt. I tried using words to pray, but it felt more suitable this time to try to ‘feel.’

    But it would be nice to do this prayer and to try what is described here before doing a meditation practice too I imagine. What I’m also thinking just now is about the type of energy the sun has at different times of the day? This prayer for example seems nice in the morning, yet the setting/evening sun might have more of the autumn ‘going into darkness’ vibe to it that could be utilised. Perhaps the different energies of the sun, according to the time of the day, could also have their appropriate prayers? Anyone know anything about this?

    I also clicked on the link to the rest Svetasvatra text. I read a few paragraphs, one about the Father God I believe, they really resonated with me. So thank you for bringing this text to attention.

    • Karim, I’ve been revisiting the beautiful Gayatri mantra recently, and after learning that it’s specifically to the sun at sunrise, Savitr, have been coinciding the mantra with sunrise observations. (Actually the mantra is also called the Sāvitrī mantra.) Some sources say Savitr is the sun before sunrise, but I’ve also heard that it’s the sun at sunrise.

      The Wikipedia information Savitr says it’s the sun at sunset and sunrise, “There are indications that most of the hymns addressed to him are meant for either a morning or an evening sacrifice. He brings all two-footed and four-footed beings to rest and awakens them. He unyokes his steeds, brings the wanderer to rest; at his command night comes; the weaver rolls up her web and the skilful man lays down his unfinished work.”


    • This is a bit different, but reading your comment made me remember something I read in a book about Ayurveda. It spoke of the importance of rising a bit before the sun because there’s a special kind of energy around that time. Almost as though it’s infused with divine light.

      The book also spoke about how the sun affects us. At night we more easily give into doubt and worries, but at sunrise, we feel better again. Early morning is a wonderful time to meditate and learn new things. And the author said she lit candles in the evening and had flowers around to create a nice environment, but still it was not the same as when the sun was up.

      This is just something that inspired me…to try to live more in accordance with the rise and fall of the sun. And even have an aspect of fire around me at night, through candles.

      Here’s a song that makes me think of how the morning light washes away worries that seemed so heavy the night before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqbwv89MXWM

      • Thanks girls. There must exist prayers addressing the particular energies of the sun at different moments of the day. But whether we have the helpful words of those or not, it seems most important to tune in and harmonise to these energies of the sun ourselves.

        Good to hear some of those general things of what you read Anne Linn. Now that I think of it there does seem to be something special even before sunrise. First a time of silent waiting perhaps. Then especially, I find, in the final moments it draws near, a silence in the winds and nature’s land just before in anticipation.
        Then the actual moment of first gentle light. This again has its own new feel that it brings.

        Nice reminder of the Gayatri mantra Ella. It’s is wonderful and, heading towards the summer now, I look forward to exploring new things that can be felt or experienced with it.

        • Yes, surely it’s ideal to get a real sense of these different times ourselves. Then, when we hear a prayer to that specific time, it will resonate with us and enhance the understanding, rather than ‘going over our head’.
          I’ve recently been given a situation where I’m working outside a lot more and am getting to see the changes in nature and the light too as the spring turns into summer. It’s wonderful. The sun at spring in the morning also feels different to summer evening sun and the winter sun at midday is another story altogether 🙂

          On the topic of the energy pre-dawn. I remember hearing from a researcher who would measure the physical energy at sacred sites with really standard equipment acceptable to mainstream science, and that he said the main upsurge in energy is actually between 3-4, which seems to be the time that monks in the East wake up for their meditation. This is also the time of the start of the ‘body clock’ in Chinese medicine, when the energy/Qi is pronounced in the lungs (it’s said to move through different meridians throughout the day) and the 24-hour cycle starts again. Thought that was a pretty interesting link!

          • I also love watching the different qualities of light, especially in the morning and evening. And also love seeing how the light changes in the different seasons. For a time I think winter light the most beautiful, but then spring comes and I change my mind 🙂

          • Thanks for sharing that Ella. It’s interesting to learn that the peak of physical energy at sacred sites correponds with the peak energy time in Chinese medicine.

            It’s great that you’ve been able to be part of observing the subtle changes of nature and the seasons too. I think getting back in harmony with nature is something very needed. It serves as a kind of soothing antidote to the chaos of modern living.

      • Yes, that’s also something I’m trying to make an effort to do Anne Linn – to live in harmony with the rising and setting of the sun.

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