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Matthew Butler is Chief Editor of SpiritualSun.com, a website exploring the history and practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun. A keen writer since his youth, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and has a natural interest in probing hidden truths and higher knowledge. He felt called to study spirituality in 2004 and has pursued it ever since. On The Spiritual Sun, he directs his skills and inquisitive nature towards shedding light on the ancient Religion of the Sun, which he investigates both as a writer/researcher and practitioner.


  • What a great article Matthew! Beautiful quotes that inspire a deeper reflection and rekindle that mysterious spiritual yearning within. Thank you.

  • So interesting to recognize certain symbolism in these texts, like “enters into the round of births“ seemingly denoting the wheel of Samsara, or “From the destruction of all sinful deeds, knowledge arises in men“ — practice of eliminating the egos, and other similar quotes littered throughout. I appreciate also the way detachment is spoken of and its importance reiterated with strong examples/analogies.

    I love the one of the clear pool of water — I felt like I understood it on a little bit of a different level this time. And that seems to be the way with these texts, that the rereads are often rewarding in such surprising ways.

    Also thought it was funny when reading this part — “When a man dwells on the objects of sense, he creates an attraction for them; attraction develops into desire, and desire breeds anger. // Anger induces delusion; delusion, loss of memory; through loss of memory, reason is shattered; and loss of reason leads to destruction.” — that I’m ticking along my own examples and how they play out exactly in that order. Fascinating to me how timeless this knowledge really is.

    I’m grateful you’ve put this section together, Matthew. I’ve only read half of it and am excited to soak up the rest. But first to let this portion sink in properly — so many gems there!

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