We have many dreams through the night, whether we remember them or not upon waking in the morning.

They often relate exactly to what we’re going through in our lives, particularly regarding our individual spiritual progress. As such, dreams are a fantastic source of learning for those who can learn to remember and interpret them.

Generally, dreams are a true indication of how we actually think and feel subconsciously in our daily lives. They can also contain premonitions of the future, and personal and inspiring spiritual teachings.

The Pythagoreans would carry out practices in the evening to bring about prophetic dreams. Ancient Hermetic texts indicate that “God communicates … through dreams by night;” likewise Essene texts say when you sleep, “the Heavenly Father’s unknown angels will teach you many things concerning the kingdom of God.” Hindu texts further state that the internal states we experience while awake “reappear in memory during [our] hours of sleep when [we] dream.

Listed here are texts related to the religion of the sun where references to dream practices can be found (note this is a work in progress and will be expanded as further research is conducted):

Below are posts on practices, exercises, and techniques for using dreams from ancient sacred texts related to the religion of the sun.


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