Mantras are specific sounds, words, or phrases that are pronounced aloud in a concentrated manner. Vocalizing mantras can give a temporary psychic benefit, like increased intuition, and can also generally uplift the psyche.

The early Christian text Pistis Sophia, describes the mantra IAO, explaining how Jesus “made invocation, turning himself towards the four corners of the world with his disciples […] saying ‘iao, iao, iao’”. An intrguiging Sumerian translation of Temple Hymn 31 explains about the importance of mantras: “Those who recite the sound Om, (activate deathless light in the body) and becomes radiant (amar su-ti-a)”. In Hinduism, many mantras are described and encouraged for use such as Twameva from the Pandava Gita while in ancient Egypt, The Book of Gates explains how to drive away opponents of the light by using “the words of power of Isis”.

Listed below are texts and resources related to the religion of the sun containing references to mantras (note this is a work in progress and will be expanded as further research is conducted):

Down below are posts about ancient sacred texts related to the religion of the sun that describe mantras.


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