Retrospection is a meditative practice that can be done to self-examine any part of your life.

From retrospecting events in a single day all the way to your entire life, this practice can reveal intricacies in how you actually think, feel, and act in daily life. It can also show how various negative inner states may be stopping your spiritual progress, as well as how these states were formed and how they sustain themselves.

By shining the light of consciousness on these states within, we can then begin to break free of them.

As one example from antiquity, before sleep Pythagoreans would examine “by thy reason all thy actions of the day” in order to “put [themselves] in the way of divine virtue.”

Listed here are texts related to the religion of the sun where references to retrospection can be found (note this is a work in progress and will be expanded as further research is conducted):

Below are posts on practices, exercises, and techniques for retrospection from ancient sacred texts related to the religion of the sun.


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