Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred ceremonies were a major part of spiritual life in many ancient civilizations. They were used to mark important life events (such as marriage or funeral ceremonies) and to celebrate events in the solar calendar, such as the solstices and equinoxes.

For ancient societies influenced by the religion of the sun, these events were more than just a time to celebrate the return of the sun or the harvest season. In the birth, death, and re-birth of the sun, they saw a physical reflection of a spiritual process — the process of enlightenment, which is also reflected in the symbolism of these ceremonies.

An example of a ceremony as performed in antiquity can be seen recorded in The Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt, describing a journey of purification to eternal life.

Today as in ancient times, sacred ceremonies offer a powerful way for spiritual seekers to come together and gain experience.

Listed here are texts related to the religion of the sun where references to sacred ceremonies can be found (note this is a work in progress and will be expanded as further research is conducted):

Explore the posts below to read descriptions of sacred ceremonies rooted in ancient sacred texts.


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