What is the religion of the sun?

What Is the Spirituality of the Sun?Religion is a word that simply means to re-unite with the divine. The religion of the sun is the most ancient religion of humanity; evidence for its practice can be found in the world's oldest sacred sites, texts, oral histories, and legends. The sun and stars are literally the source of almost all elements we and the world are made of - even now they are in a process of continual creation, and without them no life could exist. The sun and stars are the source of all light and life in the universe, and are what creates, sustains, and eventually destroys, all form.

Yet ancient seers understood that this physical aspect of creation also has a spiritual side, and that just as physically we come from the stars, so too do we spiritually. In many ancient sacred texts and sites, the sun then became the living emblem of each person's higher Being, of our own inner light that our consciousness originated from and ultimately returns to.

The religion of the sun is the knowledge of how to re-unite with our own higher Being, our spiritual sun, and return to our spiritual home in the light awakened.

Although often dismissed as the nature worship of primitive peoples, researchers today are uncovering something far deeper: a connection between the ancient, widespread reverence for the sun and a hidden process of spiritual transformation.

When we examine the striking parallels between sacred scriptures, colossal monuments, and ancient artifacts from around the world, what emerges is the outline of an incredible spiritual knowledge – found at the root of many cultures and religious traditions but exclusive to none of them.

These similarities appear again and again throughout history, spontaneously arising in places completely disconnected from each other, suggesting that this knowledge is truly universal.

Consider the dozens and dozens of ancient monuments that have been constructed with alignments to the sun. These monuments are huge undertakings – requiring careful planning, immense resources, and a highly sophisticated knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and engineering. Far from being the work of primitive peoples, they indicate highly advanced civilizations.

Whatever drove these civilizations to dedicate such immense effort and resources to the creation of these structures in such a precise way must have been something important – a message so vital, they needed it to endure for thousands of years.

Incredibly, the secrets of this message seem even to be woven into the fabric of nature and be visible in the cosmos. Ancient texts regarded the sun as the physical embodiment of a spiritual force: the spiritual sun, a divine fire that is the source of creation, spiritual light, and truth. In its journey through the sky, marked by solstices and equinoxes, some researchers believe we can find represented a profound teaching about the universal process of enlightenment.

If we study this process of enlightenment, as indicated in many ancient sacred texts, we can find clues towards an incredible transformation, where spiritual forces become incarnated within a person and the ordinary human achieves a mystical union with divinity. One of these forces, which holds a central place in many traditions, is the cosmic christ, or the spiritual "son", often represented symbolically by the physical sun. The spiritual son is depicted as the saviour and light of the world; those who have it within are able to return to the father, the divine source, and to become a “son of god.” The spiritual son or saviour has been represented by numerous figures throughout history such as Jesus, Mithras, Horus, Quetzalcoatl, and dozens of others.

The life stories of these people often share much in common – virgin births, spiritual teachings, death, resurrection, and a final spiritual ascension. Through these events, these figures appear to embody in their lives that same process of enlightenment or personal transformation, known in various cultures as awakening, salvation, self-realization, and so on. It is this journey of transformation that researchers have also seen reflected in the movements of the sun. It is the individual spiritual path represented on a vast cosmic scale and materialized in the structure of the universe.

Understood in this way, the teaching of the son/sun is not meant to inspire worship of either a specific personality or a physical force of nature. Rather, it shows the way for individuals to transform themselves spiritually.

It is a path to realize the profound potential we have as human beings and to uncover our ultimate destiny – a spiritual mission so important it has been represented symbolically again and again throughout history, encoded in ancient myths and megalithic structures, and which is even reflected in the sun and stars.

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