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Ancient Prophecies of the End of Civilization — A New Video from Sakro Sawel

Buddhist Wheel Of Life the cycle of the ages

Buddhist depiction of the wheel of life, depicting the rotation from light to darkness through various lifetimes. From the Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo by Zionorbi [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Many ancient traditions of the Religion of the Sun around the world speak of the cyclical nature of the rise and fall of civilizations, preserving accounts of various world ages and their ultimate destruction by cataclysmic events.

Within these accounts and sacred texts are described periods referred to as the golden ages as well as the dark ages — the dark ages ultimately leading to decline and destruction, and subsequently to a new time of renewed spirituality. They also foretell of a similar catastrophe approaching within our current civilization as humanity has largely become misaligned with the earth and has forgotten its spiritual roots and life purpose.

In this new video from Sakro Sawel, Lara Atwood explores these ancient accounts and prophecies from all over the world, including the Vedas, Norse mythology, sacred texts found in Europe, and traditions of the Americas, revealing a unified underlying message within them:

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Thanks for sharing this information here Jenny, it’s greatly appreciated.

    I’ve met a lot of individuals who don’t want to face up to the fact that they are going to die; the subject often makes them nervous, agitated and can lead to utter babble. Eventually of course humanity will be forced to face this subject collectively in the most horrendous way. It’s shaping up to be an absolute catastrophe.

  • Thanks Lara and Mark. It was so wonderful and sobering. It made me appreciate how immense humanities impact can be on other beings and then, at the same time, how insignificant humanity is. I know that I have so much work to do and this video reminds me of that. So thank you.

  • The video is beautifully made and shows a lot of research into important messages from different civilizations. Thanks for sharing.

  • The cycle of death and rebirth from the microcosm to the macrocosm. It seems everything is fractal in nature and repeating on smaller or larger scales. Contemplating ones existence in time is one thing but to contemplate that of an entire planet certainly is a somber and motivating thought to provide urgency for change.

    Thanks for the comments everyone, they were all very illuminating.

  • This was an absolutely beautiful video. Poetically written, in a language of understanding. I’m touched by the focus on the cycles of life, and what we can learn from them. With every smallest thing subject to the cycles of the sun, the seasons, and the ages, it only makes sense that there are cycles at play which are much larger than we can fathom. The video has a sobering message, but to me it is also a hopeful message. While we are still alive by the grace of the Sun, we have a great opportunity to make the most out of the life we are given. We can live with compassion, depth, and spiritual commitment. Thank you to all who have put your energies into the creation of this video, and may its message bring more light into the world.

  • I noticed that a new study was published this week describing evidence that “an astonishing 10 percent of the Earth’s land surface, or about 10 million square kilometers, was consumed by fires” around 12,800 years ago, the onset of the Younger Dryas cooling period that Lara references in the video.

    This massive worldwide burning helps explain (along with other factors) the abrupt shift back to colder temperatures that occurred at this time because the dust and ash from the fire would have filled the atmosphere and prevented much of the sun from reaching earth for a time.

    It’s also another piece of strong support to the hypothesis that a cosmic object like a comet fragment struck the earth around this time, with catastrophic effects on the planet – the type of effects also recorded in many world mythologies and spiritual texts.

    It seems noteworthy that the study was in the Journal of Geology, one of the oldest mainstream publications in its field, and written by an impressively credentialed group of scholars. And yet all this evidence remains virtually unknown outside of academic or alternative history circles.

    The scale of destruction that would have occurred from an impact like this (ice caps melting, massive flooding, burning, the skies darkening, etc.) really boggles to mind. And this video helps put all of it into a spiritual context and show how these ancient events are not things we can safely disregard but have a great relevance and urgency for us today.

    • Thanks for bringing in that new input Justin. It’s something that’s hard to imagine from a comfortable seat in a pretty stable climate, however when I do actually start to imagine it….

      Also if I envision the occurrence of such an event on the world today, it would be absolutely devastating. I think it’s sometimes underestimated by the modern person just how fragile or narrow the ‘range’ of our delicate living conditions is on the surface of the earth. As well as what our technologies are capable of when things collapse.
      I mean everything is connected and dependent on other things and if the ‘skies darken’ and one part of the chain is cut the whole thing will very very quickly change. Quite scary actually.

    • Thanks for sharing those findings Justin. It puts the current threat of a comet impacting the earth into a historical perspective. You summarised the situation very well in your last sentence: “these ancient events are not things we can safely disregard but have a great relevance and urgency for us today”. I very much agree.

    • That’s very interesting Justin. It sounds so similar to the ancient stories of the end of Atlantis and the destruction that took place then.

      I wonder what would happen if scientists took seriously ancient texts and instead of discrediting them they would use them as reference for studies.

    • Thank you for sharing that Justin.
      It is interesting that as you say, this has been said by prominent members of that academic community, yet remains totally unknown for mainstream knowledge and information.

  • Very true Matthew about what you said that we really don’t know when or how our time here will end, whether from an accident or a fatal illness – why wait for the threat of a cataclysm to start taking action? The sense of urgency feels very real and forthcoming, as demonstrated in this video. We’ve already been forewarned about it countless of times and should seriously consider using this precious and little time we have left more wisely.

    Thanks for posting this eye-opening video and for everyone’s comments on it.

  • Thank you so much Lara & Mark for putting this great video together & sharing.

    Although a lot of the information about the current state of humanity is sad in a way, I found it very informative & inspiring to change.

    Really appreciate all the work you’ve done to share this.

  • This is such a beautiful and serious video. A lot to take in. A lot to reflect on.

    Growing up I kept hearing about Ragnarok in books, and TV series. It felt like something that kept being repeated, perhaps because it was dramatic and interesting to put into stories. But it gave me a certain feeling. Not sure how to describe it. Maybe a sense that it wasn’t far away. Perhaps this is how a lot of people feel, seeing how the world is today.

  • Sad and tragic, but there is a kind of beauty too in understanding a little more of what is really going on. Beautifully made video too as always from Sakro Sawel.

    It made me think of a quote from Lord of the Rings,
    ‘I wish it need not have happened in my time’, said Frodo.
    ‘So do I’, said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’

    So I hope that I won’t spend my time lamenting it and allowing fear and sadness to take hold, as they are enemies of the light and love that I need to find within myself to give me the strength to change. I hope to be able to connect to the peace and guiding light of the consciousness within that can guide me forward in ways that are possible for me, and I hope to spend each moment only in what is important and worthwhile. And I hope to feel that I can do it and that it’s possible and not forget and get lost in darkness. I’m praying that all of us will have the strength to move forward and increase the light within.

  • A very powerful and sobering message that warrants great personal reflection. And after reflection hopefully some real and urgent personal change .

    It is remarkable and undeniable how all these ancient source coalesce on this point. In reading the Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods it is also amazing to see the amount of new scientific evidence for past major comet strikes in relatively recent history, the likelihood of more, as well as the archeological evidence for the timing of the next cataclysm forewarned by the ancients.

    The solid evidence that the earth was plunged into the last ice age (the Younger Dryas) by a comet strike, published by respectable scientists, is very compelling, but if you read the Wikipedia article on the “Younger Dryas Comet Hypothesis” you would get a very different impression. The “criticism” section is twice the size of the part actually summarizing the evidence. There are people who are are really trying to attack, discredit and suppress this information.

    It is also sobering to consider that, if the decoding of the ancient sources contained in that book is correct, the ancients were warning the next cataclysm would come in our time, in the period we are living now, and could come anytime within the next few decades.

    I can only hope more people watch and pay attention to this video. However, as David pointed out, Hancock’s book is a NY Times bestseller, but it’s not as if its warning has seriously been heeded by society. But I think the fact that people would go on living as normal and ignore signs and warnings was also predicted in ancient texts.

    For me, I find it’s important to focus on what I can do with my life now. People die every single day, and I cannot say or know how much time I have, and personal tragedy could strike me any day at anytime long before any planetary wide event might occur. Whether these predictions are true or not, the fact remains that I am going die either way, one way or another, and that will be the end of this civilization for me, and so I need to make the most of the time I have.

    • I think that’s a very important realisation Matthew – the need to break away from the illusion that death is somehow far away, which makes it easier to excuse our inaction and indifference in daily life. It’s easy to think that there will always be tomorrow, or next week, month, year etc. to start moving forward with the required momentum in our inner work, but I’ve seen that nothing is guaranteed.

      Even if a global catastrophe doesn’t occur in our lifetime, I’ve realised that karma doesn’t wait for anyone and a personal tragedy could easily happen much sooner, as you mentioned. Since it’s fairly uncommon for people to have past live memories, this life can appear to be all there is – until tragedy strikes, which provides an urgent wake-up call to change, while there still is time.

      The fact that Magicians of the Gods was a NY Times Bestseller, as David mentioned, indicates the weight of sleep that is upon humanity, where although a clear, evidence-based message is received by a large number of people, very few apply it to their lives in a serious way.
      It seems that as a humanity, we have a tendency to intellectualise, which makes us detached from the harsh realities of life and death. Many people are of the view that there is no life after death anyway, which increases the sense of detachment from its inevitability.

      I hope that those of us who have been fortunate enough to take the steps to follow a more spiritual life will be able to make use of time in the best way we can. As there are so few people in the world seriously interested in inner change, it places a greater responsibility on those who are, in order to escape the tragedy of death not only in our own lives, but also to help others who are searching to do the same.

    • Thanks for your reflections Matthew. I read a newspaper article some time ago talking about Graham Hancock’s book and mentioning what you are saying, of the possibility that we are now living exactly in the era when the next cataclysm could take place (and there was even some scientific proof of the earth passing through the region where it could collide with another comet exactly during this time). However the tone of the article was skeptical and condescending, giving the feeling he is a little crazy and is not to be believed. At the end it said, ‘it’s too extreme, it just isn’t possible’, referring to the cataclysmic destruction of our civilization. I feel like that’s probably the reaction of many who hear about this, and perhaps it was the reaction of past civilizations who met their sudden end too. Even in that quote by Jesus included in the video it says, ‘Be careful, or … that day will close on you suddenly like a trap.’

      I also agree with you that we don’t even know if so much time has been allotted to us to live until a cataclysmic event happens so we ought to take each day and its opportunities as a valuable and unique chance to change.

    • Yes, Matthew. very true. When we die that will be the end of the world for us.
      It could be now or before the great cataclysm comes. What is important is what we achieve now.

      so true.

  • Another Sakro Sawel video of epic proportions!

    I think it’s really important to reflect on these things. I know in the course of mundane life it’s easy to just go along as normal, but when we put our lives in the context of the bigger picture, life takes on a whole other meaning. Like rather than just continuing as we are, to understand that there are cycles of nature at play on everything in the universe, that go up and down, and our existence on this planet is no different.

    Those quotes at the end of the video are particularly powerful.

    • Yes, those quotes at the end also stood out to me Jon. They are indeed very powerful and provoke an urgent call to action.

  • This is such a great video, so valuable, not only for the content but also in the quality of its production.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work that must go into researching this information. It is a privilege to have access to this information so that we can deeply reflect upon not only on the state of the world but also on our own internal state.

  • Thank you Lara and Mark for the video,
    It is amazing how many civilizations were here and how they ended up, and it is very sad that this civilization is facing the same fate.

  • Thanks to everyone involved in making this important video. It contains a vital message, which ultimately affects us all. I hope that as many of us as possible can avoid the terrible fate that is predicted in the ancient texts, while we still have the opportunity to do so.

  • Excellent video and worthy of watching over and over. So much great research goes into these videos.

    It’s interesting that Hollywood seems to have drawn some sort of conclusion about our future with the myriad of ‘end-of’the-world movies, but unfortunately I don’t think, in any reality, that America will save the day this time.

    I recently watched an interesting video on the decline of our habitat and wildlife. It talks about the enormously significant destruction of our environment and wildlife over the past 50 years. The divide between rich and poor is extreme and many in society now worship others who are wealthy and famous (often for no good reason) rather than that which is real and special.

    It seems that almost every ancient civilisation has had so much knowledge and respect for the environment and life thereon, yet today many choose to ignore what is plainly obvious to others.

    This video is certainly a timely reminder to put in our best efforts, while we still have time, and to realign with the spiritual sun.

    • I think you made some good observations there Sue about the current state of degeneration in the world. What you said about many worshipping others who are wealthy and famous is a sad reflection of the materialistic values of society, which have largely submerged the truly spiritual within the world.

      I agree that the video serves as a timely reminder of the urgent need to make whatever efforts we can to change, while we still have the opportunity to do so.

  • Thank you very much Lara, Mark, and everyone behind the production of this video. It has sparkled a renewed clarity within me, putting things in perspective again.

    The prevailing feeling I have when watching things like this is the feeling of unworthiness, how I am just really one of those people who had committed all those terrible crimes, dissociated themselves from what is good and true, forgot the noble ways of life, of sharing with the fellow men, protecting Earth and being close to it. On one hand, it is only so easy to live this unnatural life today, especially when people are brought up in cities, consumerism, often dulled by the environment that lacks beauty, desensitised by society, etc. On the other hand, there are countless opportunities in daily life to chose goodness and care over the selfish ways and evil, in so many ways, but we prefer not to see. 🙁 I am sincerely wondering if it is even possible to change so much as to have this natural care for a fellow-man and environment within. I mean not just to know about it and apply it here and there when it suits us, but to change our very nature, so that behaving anything other than in a caring and responsible way would be completely foreign to us.

    It also made me think that we are the same people who, ages ago, started in the bright new Golden age, and how we must have allowed so much evil to prevail over so many life-times to end up like this… I think this topic needs some serious reflection and a lot of prayer, as it is only with the Divine help that we can have a chance to change our ways and start turning things around. Wishing everyone much strength and wisdom to use the opportunity of this life for the best.

    • Touching reflections Lucia, and I can relate to your feelings. Of course I would say it IS possible to change in such a total way, but of course I would also say… I know how hard it is.

    • Thank you for sincerely sharing your reflections Lucia. I’m praying to find that overwhelming wish and yearning to change my evil ways so that I could choose light in every moment instead of darkness, consistently and properly, even when I’m inwardly deceived and don’t feel like I want to or can, so that it would bear fruit and take me forward and make me worthy of that mercy… I guess I can only focus on each moment at a time and the choice is made moment by moment, in small ways that are possible and attainable in the moment when I really want the change, otherwise nothing would make sense.

  • This is my favourite video from Sakro Sawel so far. Really puts things in perspective and gives a compelling case as to why it’s so important to live one’s life responsibly and in the best way we can, and hopefully through doing so to connect with the spiritual sun both within and without so-to-speak.

    • Yes, I agree wholeheartedly Jordan – the video certainly puts our lives into perspective and makes a compelling case for living a responsible life that is in accordance with the divine law.

  • Thanks for sharing that video Jenny, it’s a very sobering message, and the message is so similar between all the different texts Lara points out, it’s a little strange it’s not more commonly known about.

    Graham Hancock in his book Magicians of the Gods even basically lays out the scientific evidence that supports what’s being said in all the texts. His book was a NY Times bestseller, and yet you still don’t really hear people talking about this. Maybe a collective turning a blind eye? Or maybe it’s being covered up somehow. In Magicians of the Gods Hancock talks about how NASA knows about the potential for another cataclysm, but knows they can’t do anything about it so they don’t talk about it.

    • Yes, it’s an excellent video with a very important message.

      I had just started reading Magicians of the Gods a few weeks ago, so I was already pondering a lot of this, but yeah this video went into even more depth in many aspects especially with the spiritual principles behind the cycles.

      Taking all this in has been very sobering for me too, but with understanding the reality of this more deeply, I have a deeper respect for how important and precious the time that we do have is, and I have more inspiration and determination to make the most of the time and opportunities I do have and to do my best to learn, grow, change, and practice and follow the spiritual principles of the religion of the sun.

      • Yes, I feel the same Jenny – the video has given me a deeper respect for the preciousness of time and a greater motivation to use it well.

    • Hi David,

      Yeah Graham is an interesting guy. I listened to him on the Joe Rogan podcast awhile back with a scientist named Randell Carlson and they were showing what they believed to be evidence of the last cataclysm. Main stream science is basically shunning their theories which is really unfortunate. He’s also done a lot of work on the true age of Egypt and it’s been the same story from established archaeologist with that as well. Makes me think if it’s just that the main stream scientists just don’t want to be wrong or if there is some larger conspiracy in play to keep us from knowing our true history. We have the tools to investigate these mysteries ourselves but it would be great if more people were exposed to these theories and could question more.

  • An extremely serious video yet one that is a wake up call because it makes so much sense.. From the many different ancient cultures who talk about the same thing, and from all around the word, and looking at the state of humanity today, it is clear that we are sadly coming to the end of our times.. The description of the Kali Yuga age is sobering in its similarities to our times..

    And even without this video, it’s hard to see the state of humanity, from modern slavery to endless wars, to the destruction of our environment to the lack of care toward everything that is used nowadays, from our food to our clothes to endless materialistic possessions – yet in all of this, the message within this video is to truly make use of whatever time we have, to truly make use of it for awakening consciousness.

    Many things stood out to me but this simple sentence really hit home:

    “Today our capacity for destruction has increased to such enormous degree that we are now capable of destroying much of life on earth but yet our capacity to live together in harmony with each other and with our environment has not.”

    Again, it reminded of how love is at the center of consciousness and everything, that light is present, but can only be there if nurtured and grown so that it can overcome darkness.. Lots to take in and I hope to really grasp the message within in so that I can make good use of it.

    • The same sentence stood out to me Geraldine. It’s a sad reflection of the animalistic nature of humanity, which lies beneath the veneer of civilisation.

      I think you made a valuable point about love being the centre of consciousness. It doesn’t really matter how much theoretical esoteric information we can accumulate, or how successful our astral exercises are going (although of course both of these things can be beneficial in starting a spiritual search). The most important thing is to develop the consciousness within, in order that its qualities, such as love can manifest and make any kind of significant difference to a world that is virtually submerged in darkness.

      Ultimately, unless we work upon developing love within us, we’ll fall into the category of all those who don’t make it, whether or not we think we’re good people. It reminds me of the advice that Arthur Jensen recounted after his near-death experience:

      “f you threw a small pebble into a threshing machine, it would go into the box – not because it is good or bad, but because of its proper size and weight. It’s the same way here. No one sends you anywhere. You are sorted by the high or low vibrations of your soul. Everyone goes where he fits in.”

      • Thank you Michael, that quote from Arthur Jensen is very apt.

        We are ultimately responsible for ourselves and our own development.

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