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The Religion of the Sun – Spirituality of a Lost Ancient Civilization – New Video from Sakro Sawel is a new website that’s been launched to explore the Religion of the Sun, and it’s published its first video presentation, “The Religion of the Sun – Spirituality of a Lost Ancient Civilization”.

The video is presented by Lara Atwood. In this first installment, Lara introduces what the Religion of the Sun is, explores its mysterious origins in the distant past, reveals how ancient people spread and practiced it all over the world — building some of the most impressive and enigmatic sacred sites known — and shows how remnants of this knowledge have survived even up to the present day.

Sakro Sawel will be releasing, via its youtube channel, a number of videos delving into the Religion of the Sun to explain its history and revive the practice of this ancient knowledge in the modern world. On the site, Lara explains the purpose of Sakro Sawel as follows:

Sakro Sawel means “Sacred Sun” in Proto-Indo-European. On this website I explore the ancient religion of the sun that was taken all around the world following the catastrophe at the end of the last ice age (around 9,500 BC) by the legendary sages and civilizers recorded in world mythology.

The next video will be about Odin, the wisdom bringer of the Norse and Germanic peoples.

About the author

Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • It’s wonderful that there are these site and video that anybody can learn so many interesting things about the ancient past and religion of man kind under a spiritual aspect and angle that I think nobody has also presented with such rich details and deep comprehension.

    It is a blessing that after so many thousands of year mankind, at last, has the ability to learn the hidden and persecuted truth about its history and real spiritual purpose.

    It’s a precious Light ray into darkness.

  • The video is just beautiful, and the website too. It explains things very clearly. I kind of felt closer to that ancient past, and the people in it. Looking forward to the next video 🙂

  • A very well done video which educates anyone about the origins of the ‘religion of the sun’. I enjoyed the professionalism of how this was presented.

    I am now looking forward to the next video in the series…! Thanks to all who were involved in making this video.

  • Thank you, Lara. As others have expressed, I was really touched by the great presentation and the information covered in this first segment. As I watched, I really felt like I was being taken on an adventure or journey through time in an effort to gain an understanding of the mysteries of the ancient past and also of the mysteries of the Religion of the Sun. Eagerly awaiting the next installment!

  • What an amazing and groundbreaking video, as well as the whole idea for the channel. I love the way the video has been done, the feel of it and how conscise it is, capturing the very essence of what the spirituality of the Sun is really about and where it comes from.

    Thank you Lara, Mark, and everyone who helped to make it.

  • This is such a great video and introduction into the religion of the sun.
    I have always yearned for the day, that our humanity on this planet will have the opportunity to be united.
    The religion of the sun breaks down the barriers of cultural differences, as we are all connected by the same source of light.
    What a saving grace in times of such darkness.
    Thankyou to all that are involved at the forefront for making this revolutionary project happen.

    • That is nicely said Chris, using the spirituality of the Sun as a uniting force. Indeed, this civilization has left its traces everywhere around the Globe, and so each culture can really regard it as its own, in their culturally-specific way.

  • Very exciting to see a new site emerging. This video is a brilliant introduction.

    It’s a pity that some people scoff at ancient traditions, when in actual fact those in ancient times had so much knowledge and understanding of spiritual things.

    People today theorise that sun worship was all just about seasons and crops, but clearly there was far more to it. People in distance lands were also far more connected in some way than most imagine as there is much evidence of similar knowledge at ancient spiritual sites around the world. At the centre of them all seems to be the true knowledge of the power of the sun.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the site develop and watching the next video – I feel a special interest in Odin. Exciting!

  • This is been such a pleasure to watch, all the information included make complete sense to me.

    Loved every moment and I couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve watched it several times and it’s a very professional video.

    I’m really looking forward to the next video on Odin the wisdom bringer of the Norse and Germanic peoples.

    Great work Mark, Lara and everyone behind the scene.

  • I agree with all comments here. I also enjoyed the first video and made what we have been learning about on this site come even more to life.

    The garments and symbols in the video are interesting and gives the video a great feel. It inspires me to seek these out for my own home to try and imbue it with a sense of reverence around this new religion, for me, but that has been part of humanity since the dawn of time.

    Thanks again to everyone involved in this great project – it is very exciting and I hope to see it grow and be shared.

  • Very inspiring video, great info the like I have never really heard before until now but what your saying does make sense, seeing that practices and very similar information at different times in different parts of the globe has started to surface, even without the internet ; )

    Really look forward to the future information on this site, thanks

  • This is a great video, introducing the subject in a very interesting, concise and poignant way that is easy to take in and grabs your attention. If anyone ever asks me, “so what’s this religion of the sun all about?” I could just show them this video and in six minutes they’ll get a really good idea and impression of what it’s all about.

    I think Lara presented really well, packing a lot in to short video, and the look, feel and quality of the whole production is wonderful. If I knew nothing about this subject and watched it, I would want to find out more about it all for sure. But even knowing about it, seeing it presented like this brings the religion of the sun to life in a new way — it really captures the majesty and wonder of it all. Great job by all involved.

    • Agreed, Matthew. It’s a very strong video and those 6 minutes touch upon really wondrous topics. Awesome info for anybody first coming across this and equally so for those that already know a bit about it. It inspires deeply and that’s no small thing. I’m looking forward to the Odin one!

    • I agree Mathew, the information is so comprehensive, making a history shrouded in ambiguity, lost time, suppression and misinformation so clearly and factually laid out in less than ten minutes.

      Oddly enough its like a cloak has been lifted and one can see all the far-reaching connections throughout cultures, races and times, and everything just clicks.

      Thank you Vida for the update!

    • I thought the same thing when I watched this – that the video really provides a perfect way of introducing the subject to someone who wasn’t yet familiar about. It’s a great resource to share with anyone who is curious about it and wants a concise overview.

      Especially as video can be more engaging than a written article for some people. The visuals in this presentation really help it hit home.

  • Thank you, Vida. The Sakro Sawel website looks really beatiful and the first video is absolutely inspiring.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode about Odin!

  • This is such an exciting development in the teachings of the Spiritual Sun!

    The website looks great! There’s something extra engaging and powerful about video that conveys the message with an added dimension. I really like the symbolism within the clothes Lara is wearing and behind in the frame. These, combined with a great mix of images (I especially like the one of the ancient wisdom bringers travelling by sea) really brings to life how timeless and omnipresent the religion of the sun really is – it’s the story shaping the whole of humanity.

    It’s really incredible to reflect on the message that a teaching which connects us now today to a distant Golden Age, is being revived. Thank you to Lara and all at Sacro Sawel!

  • It’s a fantastic looking site and a really great first video. I’m really looking forward to seeing the site develop more and will be keeping an eye out for the next video.

    • I agree David, that first video was packed full of info – really looking forward to seeing how the site and youtube channel develops. It’s hard to find videos on youtube that really dig into these topics without also including stuff which is a bit off track, so I think it’s going to be an amazing resource.

      • That’s a good point David. Often when seeing the list of suggested videos on similar topics on Youtube for example. There seem to be a lot there which have a bit of truth, but then add all these other, often sensationalised, things to it. This causes the initial bit of unconventional and useful truth to be muddied, marginalised and lost. It also makes good content and documentaries get lost in a sea of ‘attention grabbing’ thumbnails and titles.

        This video is very, very different in my opinion, both in the coherency of information (which connects to greater spiritual understanding), as well as the intention.

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