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Who is Odin / Wotan? — A New Video from Sakro Sawel


A depiction of Odin as “the wanderer” by Georg von Rosen. Odin / Wotan was the inspiration behind J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings character Gandalf. Public domain image found here.

Odin (known as Wotan in German) is a mysterious ancient wisdom bringer, known as “the wanderer” and a god within the Norse and Germanic cultures.

His story reveals some interesting clues for understanding our ancient past as there are many correlations between the European figure known as Odin and the various wisdom bringers of the ancient Religion of the Sun referenced throughout the ancient world — the great sages whose task it was re-establish civilization on earth after a major cataclysm vastly affected life on the planet around 9,500 BC.1

The astonishing similarities in character between some of these various figures indicate the possibility that they may have actually been the same person, or at the least a part of the same network. In a new video from Sakro Sawel, Lara Atwood, co-author of The Path of the Spiritual Sun, explores the correlations between the stories and descriptions of Odin / Wotan and the other known wisdom bringer figures around the world, such as Votan, Viracocha, Kukulkan, Cuchulainn, etc., and the incredible legacies these figures left behind.

The video can be viewed below:

  1. For more information, see The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub and Lara Atwood (Mystical Life Publications, revised second edition, July 2017), Chapter 7: The Lost Civilization of the Sun, The Arrival of the Wisdom Bringers, p. 250. 

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Wow, what an awesome video! Many thanks for putting that together and getting it out there Lara. It’s great to see something concrete, joining the dots between the different religions.

    I’ve always felt, for a long time, long before I found the inner work, that all the religions in the world were talking about the same thing; as if they were looking at the same object from different angles, and describing what they saw and understood. But I just had a general sense of that being the case, and nothing to really go on where I could present anything to anyone to back this up. I just had a knowing; in the same way I’ve known there are other races in the universe. Never seen or met an extra-terrestrial but I knew they were out there.

    But this is fantastic! It’s great to see the parallels clearly explained in this way. And to have some insights into what’s really at the heart of all the myth and legend of it all.

  • What an amazing account of Odin, his role in creating this current civilization and the grand beginning of the ‘5th sun’ civilization according to South American calendar accounts! Reference to the 5th civilization is something I have come across before, in previous writings, by a different individual known as Samael Aun Weor.

    However, I would never have joined the dots in such a way, as it is presented in this video by Lara and Spiritual Sun website. From this video it is easy to see the parallels between Odin and other great historical figures that have shaped our civilization – as recent as Jesus.

    What a sacrifice for humanity each of these individuals (and possibly more!) have made…what a task and a mission these ‘wisdom bringers’ put themselves forth to achieve, all for the sake and love of this humanity.

    I see their actions, their courage, their commitment and dedication parallel that of Belsebuub. It is no small feat to battle darkness nor the forces of opposition along the way. But each of these great ‘wisdom bringers’ have shown us that it takes strength, courage and compassion to go through such spiritual trials, to achieve unity with the true source, our Divine Father by way of becoming the Son/Sun

  • Very interesting video. So, hopefully, we have now information who really was Odin and a window far away back in human history. So, at last, a very old part of human history released, with such impressive way.

    Under the directions of Odin, on earth, there was one spiritual religion, the religion of the Spiritual Sun to unite people to a common truly spiritual purpose.

  • After looking at images of Odin I researched into a curious symbol that I saw often accompany images of him – the valknut. It’s three intertwined triangles, and is said to be found on ancient Germanic object and often associated with Odin. I hadn’t seen it before but felt like it may have a spiritual significance.

    • Hi Ella,

      I also saw that symbol today as I was looking for ancient Norse inspiration for embroidery designs, and thought it looked very interesting. Their art seems to have been full of different sun symbols too – the spiral or double spiral, the infinity symbol, the sun cross, the swastika… They have left such a rich heritage of mythology, jewellery, artwork, rune stones, it’s quite amazing and something I didn’t know about before.

    • Ah yes, I noticed this symbol as well for the first time just a few months ago — it’s quite interesting. Many Viking symbols are quite beautiful.

      There’s another interesting trinity of pyramids symbol I’ve come across in traditional Balkan sun symbols, called “the sign of god – heaven”. You can see an example of it here.

  • Very interesting thank you all for the superb information. Amazing how many historical and spiritual aspects are all united and great to see it finally coming to light.

  • It’s incredible to see these parallels appearing in the stories of different figures across different civilizations, and to have those backed up with archaeological evidence, common symbols, common spiritual messages, and so on. I feel like I’m getting a glimpse back in time. It also gives a clear perspective on the origins of what are today seen as myths and which have become fragmented and altered with the passage of many thousands of years.

    I really appreciate this video and the work being done to pull together the story of that nearly-forgotten time and the work that was done to initiate culture, civilization, and religion on a truly global scale. It must have been a massive mission. As a few other people have mentioned, the extent to which that civilization persisted (even in a fragmentary form) for over 11,000 years is a testament to the huge contribution those wisdom bringers made.

  • Really good video I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The information is just so amazing to think about, yet it’s something so unknown today. Hope more and more of this information can be revealed and can reach people, so that we can all start wondering about our history with a new set of eyes, what this signifies spiritually and what it can mean for us today.

    It’s quite amazing to think that something like the Moai statues can carry a message to us today, one that is relevant and important to us from an internal, personal and spiritual sense.

  • As Laura said, this explanation of the world history “strikes a chord of truth” within me as well. It just all makes sense!

    Regarding the global catastrophy at the end of the last ice age, it reminded me what I have read about Bosnian Pyramids. On one of the Bosnian conferences where scientists from different fields come together to study and then share their findings about the Bosnian Pyramids, an American astrophysicist and an expert on ice age Paul La Violette proposed a theory that the underground tunnels and labyrinth found under the Bosnian Pyramids complex may have served as a refuge against a disaster (or series of them) that stroke Earth at the end of the last ice age. In his work, he provides astronomical and geological evidence of this cataclysm, and links it with ancient records.

    (The report about his findings at the Bosnian Pyramids can be seen here:

    • Interesting, Lucia. I’m curious to look into this a bit. I’ll check out the link you provided. Thanks for sharing that!

  • I’ve been checking the websites everyday for this video to be released, and it was certainly worth waiting for.

    Well done to everyone behind the scenes and especially Belsebuub and Lara for getting this very valuable information to us.

    • I was also looking forward to this one John, and it certainly delivered! Not only presenting this great information, but making me further intrigued by the subject as well.

  • Amazing and revolutionary information as it really goes against what we’ve all been taught about human history. Yet it somehow makes so much sense and seems to strike an inner chord that recognizes truth. This information has been all but lost or there are only fragments of it left here and there around the world, so it is wonderful how you’ve put it together in such a clear, concise and understandable way. I really enjoyed the video too as it is beautifully done and narrated. Thanks so much and looking forward to more on the ancient religion of the sun!

    • That’s a great way to describe it Laura,” makes so much sense and seems to strikes an inner cords that recognizes truth”.

  • What a wonderful video, thank you so much for making it.

    I heard about Odin growing up, but he seemed a bit scary to me. I guess because of the way he is sometimes represented in Norse mythology. And in modern media. But this video made me feel that he was both kind and caring. That he had a lot of courage, and love for people since he traveled so far to spread what he knew.

    I also love that he inspired the character of Gandalf 🙂

    I wish I knew how to write and read runes. They seem very magical to me.

    • I can relate Anne Linn – so nice to hear that he was a wise, gentle, spiritual figure, not the barbarous viking type.

  • A fascinating view on the ancient wisdom bringer Odin. I was keen to learn more about him and keen to find out much more information about the history of various wisdom bringers throughout the world, which shared similar stories.
    It would be great to have this level of information shared far and wide as what we are exposed to (led to believe) is somewhat limited and narrow minded.
    An excellent and well presented video, thanks to the team for their efforts with this.

  • Such an awesome video! It’s absolutely mind boggling to imagine how either this person or group of people were able to spread the knowledge of the religion of the sun, and the basis of civilization, throughout the world in ancient times. It seems like a monumental task, and to think not only did this vital information take root in one place, but it was spread so effectively that there is still evidence for it even thousands of years later.

    One thing that struck me both in The Path of the Spiritual Sun and this video again was the quote about Osiris convincing people to practice what he taught through means of gentle persuasion and appealing to reason, rather than through force. Besides being a testament to his character, that sounds like evidence of the work of an awakened being, to be able to achieve such profound societal and spiritual change in times of chaos, and then leave to help other groups of people do the same…. really amazing.

    • That part really struck me as well Dara. That he taught through gentle persuasion. It just sounds very unique.

    • Those same thoughts and considerations also occurred in my mind Dara.

      It also makes me wonder if there are more details that can be uncovered. Did he have others travelling with him? how long was he at certain places in order to establish the things he did (must’ve been longer than a human life span?) How were things able to continue in a spiritual/good direction after he left without things quickly declining?

      Would be great to get more insights about all this and to get personal experiences of some kind related to these things.

    • That line of teaching through “gentle persuasion” and appeals to reason has always stuck out to me as well, and seems a hallmark of a truly spiritual being who has a respect for free will.

    • It seems like a monumental task, and to think not only did this vital information take root in one place, but it was spread so effectively that there is still evidence for it even thousands of years later.

      That’s totally amazing, and the evidence is in so many places around the world. What really stood out to me as well is that it was potentially the same person going to so many different places. To think that Osiris and Odin might have been the same person!

  • Another great video from Sakro Sawel. It’s so intriguing to see the connections drawn between these mythological figures around the world, who all appeared after the end of the last ice age in different regions with the same purpose of restarting civilization and teaching the spirituality of the sun. It’s like seeing the important first, but forgotten, chapter of our shared human history in the current (post ice-age) era being unburied.

    In addition to the spiritual knowledge they bestowed us with, which has filtered down right to the present day in some form in some cases, we likely owe the existence of our civilization to these people.

    In addition to their physical descriptions and messages being similar, the similarity between the names “Wotan” in Europe and “Votan” in Mesoamerica in particularly evident. As is pointed out in the video, there are too many similarities to just be coincidental. So they had to be either the same person or from the same group of people performing similar missions as a joint effort.

    • I like what you said about this video helping us to see the important first, but forgotten, chapter of our shared human history Mathew. The information in this video ties together so many threads of what’s become myth, from across the corners of the earth and aeons of time, it actually helps answer a really deep and fundamental question that we all had on our lips as children, but too often forget as we grow older: “who are we and where do we come from?”
      If more people understood the reality of the divine origins of our race, maybe things would be different. And for those who don’t already feel the spark of spirituality within which helps to recognise this innate divinity behind the human story as truth, the amount of factual information for the case of the incredible divine man Odin/Wotan/Osiris, etc. existing should be compelling enough to reason.

      Incredible information, and incredible that it’s being shared, thank you Lara.

  • Super inspiring topic and presentation. Amazing to think that Odin/Wotan would have traveled throughout both Europe and America spreading the religion of the sun, or at least be part of that group of wisdom bringers written about in The Path of the Spiritual Sun.

    We have so much to be thankful of to him and all of them!

  • I’m very grateful to be able to access this incredible info all in one well-presented video. I can’t wait to learn more about the wisdom bringers and the religion of the sun. Finally the fragments are starting to come together.

  • What a great video, it’s truly amazing to see how deep this connection goes.
    After all the misunderstanding that follows the Norse people as being theives/savages, I’m happy to see the truth about their origins being uncovered.

  • How amazing to see these figures sort of come to life in this video. I loved reading a little bit about it in The Path of the Spiritual Sun, but also seeing it like this and connecting so many dots is really helpful. I hope to understand further what this really meant to humanity at the time and how impactful this timeless teaching could be for us now.

  • Wow – what an awesome video. The similarities between all of those wisdom bringers (or bringer?) are just incredible.

  • I’ve been waiting for this… and it delivered! Fantastic video.

    It must have been such an amazing time to be alive back when Wotan/Odin, etc. was roaming the earth and spreading his teachings on life and religion. And to think so much of what he taught was retained throughout millennia just goes to show what a powerful teaching it was.

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