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The Wisdom Bringers — A New Video from Sakro Sawel

The wisdom bringer Osiris

A depiction of the Egyptian god Osiris, one of the great wisdom bringers mentioned in the video below. Relief from the temple of Seti I, Egypt. Photo by H. Grobe [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons. Cropped.

Ancient legends, sacred texts, and cultural narratives from around the world speak of great wisdom bringers who in the ancient past established civilization and the Religion of the Sun around the world after a great flood disrupted life on the planet.

Some of these historical wisdom bringers included the Egyptian gods Thoth, Horus, and Osiris, Odin / Wotan of the Norse and Germanic cultures, Votan / Viracocha / Quetzalcoatl of Central and South America, Svarog in the Slavic tradition, and Manu in the Vedic civilization. Oftentimes the stories about these wisdom bringers, their appearance, entourage, way of being, their wisdom and supernatural abilities, their message, and ultimately their legacy bear remarkable similarities.

In this new video from Sakro Sawel, Angela Pritchard discusses some of these similarities as well as the wisdom bringers’ mission and legacy:

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About the author

Jenny Resnick

Jenny Resnick is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Just re-watching this video, I was caught by the description of the 7 wisdom bringers and noted how we have 7 days of the week, two of which are Sunday and Wednesday (Wodin/Odin’s day), but there are others too: Saturday (Saturn’s day is another symbol of the Father)!

    It seems that even in a normal everyday life, we can still find influences of what Angela and the teams have presented here!

    • Oh yes, I completely forgot about that Craig! I remember hearing years ago about Wednesday being originally Wodin’s day, but somehow didn’t make the connection again recently. Thanks for the reminder!

      It seems there is a spiritual or celestial connection with each of the days of the week, especially in connection with Norse gods. We have Sun day, Moon day, Wodin’s day, Thor’s day, Frigg day and Saturn day. Apparently Tuesday comes from the old English for “fire day” too.

  • Thanks for sharing this new video Jenny. The Sakro Sawel video series are so valuable in the information they provide, as well as being so well crafted.

  • Looking at one of the images of Osiris in this video and hearing more about him it occurred to me how it would be something absolutely amazing to have such an advanced spiritual person, connected to light, having the authoritative position in society of king. It’s something that’s hard to even imagine in today’s world, where the real light has been driven out and is unknown to people at large.

    I’ve said it before but videos such as these really make me wish I had a timemachine to see many of the wonders of the past…. 🙂 But you know, even though it might appear that way, perhaps time is not such an absolutely limiting factor as we might think? There are still many ancient sites standing around the world that we can visit and feel the energy of, sacred texts have been translated from which we can grasp wisdom, the amazing solstices and equinoxes can be celebrated as the ancients did, spiritual practices can be done today to tap into events in other dimensions and more importantly the path of the spiritual sun can be undertaken to transform oneself!

    So in fact I shouldn’t complain too much about lacking a time machine. 🙂 Great Vid!

    • It’s interesting you mention you wish you could have a time machine. I’ve had similar thoughts in wanting to see these amazing people in action!

      I’ve been reading the Kolbrin, and came across a passage which seems to sum up the ‘mission’ of these Wisdom Bringers, but also seems, in a way, to hint at the religion of the sun:

      [Hurmanetar said] “Upon you there is a great destiny, may you reach out and grasp that which your heart desires, and having attained it use it to deliver all men from the darkness of ignorance. Go forth like the sun who throws his rays down like a net over the land to enlighten it. Go to a land where the honest man will be made rich and the dishonest man impoverished, for the balances must be adjusted so that riches cease to be the reward of dishonesty and deceit. Go to a land where those holding places of power and position will stand forth as examples of goodness and honesty; where none but the worthy occupy high positions; where those who have possessions and estate use these to succour the needy and resist the strength of those who oppress the weak and unprotected”.

      Ancheti said, “But where is this land and how shall I find it? ”

      Hurmanetar answered, “Were there such a place, what good purpose would you serve by going there? What you will have to do would have been done already by another”.

      ~ The Kolbrin, ch10 (book of Gleanings).

      • That seems like a very relevant message related to the task of the wisdom bringers indeed! and how these things must be created and brought about, within and in the world. Thanks Craig that’s inspiring to read. The first line seems so important, to ensure to attain it within. Or, in my view, nothing would be able to be held together.

      • That’s a great find Craig, thanks for sharing. It’s describing a land totally opposite to anything we have today 😮 and when I try imagine just a little bit what it would be like to live in a place like this, well it would be like living in a fairytale, or legend, wonderful and freeing.

      • Thank you Craig, what an inspiring collection of stories Kolbrin is!
        It seems almost impossible to imagine that the truly wise would also have power and wealth. Not only because it is a total opposite today (the more rich, the more depraved a person usually has to be to even get there in the first place), but also because of an idea that seems to be prevalent that a truly spiritual person can not be rich. It looks like we may have fanatical views in different ways, but in the end it just comes down to using whatever we were given wisely, in accordance with the Divine laws, unselfishly, for the good of all.

  • It’s thrilling to see these videos continuing to expand on the origins of man and civilization, the cycles of time and the truth of history. I’m reading Hancock’s The Magicians of the Gods at the moment, and though it’s very well written, easy to read and erudite, I find these presentations of the general picture and the more mystical side really helpful to tap into the magic of the message.
    Thank you so much Angela!

    • Did any other things in particular stand out to you from reading this book recently? I mean it must contain a lot, but maybe there’s also some insightful or surprising facts that happened to stand out?

  • Thank you so much Angela and the team for these videos. This is all quite eye-opening for me, and I can imagine for many others as well… Just some years ago, I didn’t even properly know who Svarog was, and when I finally realised he was Slavic god, now I am learning he may have actually been a real person! 🙂 It is really amazing what these videos bring to humanity. I hope we can all take advantage of this enlightening information.

    I have also started counting these wisdom-bringers, trying to figure out who exactly those 7 men were. So far I got these:
    – Odin/Wotan (Norse and Germanic people, plus according to the videos, this wisdom bringer may have appeared in SouthAmerica too),
    – Masaw (Hopi),
    – Osiris (Egypt),
    – Quetzalcoatl, (America),
    – Svarog (Slavic),

    Then there are Kukulcan and Viracocha also in America, which would make 7, but it is also possible that some of these are the same person.

    I am also not sure if it was 7 sages in total, or maybe many times 7 sages, like for example in different periods.

  • Another wonderful video. It is astounding that there are so many similarities in almost every ancient civilisation around the world. Not only are these similarities in architecture, but interestingly they are on the same alignments around the world and are aligned with the stars, as well as the sunrise and/or sunset at the solstices and equinoxes.

    What a monumental task and dedication the Wisdom Bringers had to spread their knowledge not only about creating new civilisations, but also reviving the religion on the Sun – all at a time when the world had been so devastated by flood and much had been lost.

    It is unfortunate that over the thousands of years since, much of this knowledge has again been lost. Our scientists and anthropologists can only theorise about why and how things were built the way they were, and the way they practised their religion.

    We are so very fortunate, however, that not all has been lost and that this knowledge and its significance is again resurfacing.

    Thanks again for this brilliant and inspiring video.

  • Another excellent and intriguing video presentation from Sakro Sawel and so much information to take in at once! I got really excited when I saw the featured title “The Wisdom Bringers”, a topic I’m keen to learn more about. The incredible research and work that went into making these video installments are greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks Jenny for sharing.

    This information is by far in a class of it’s own and I’ve enjoyed every moment of the video. Please keep them coming.

  • Thanks for this, a well done high quality production as usual!

    It was interesting to hear that the various wisdom bringers could in fact be different people, but fulfilling a similar role. I wondered about that point.

    Magician of the Gods does a great job of bringing together all the evidence for the lost civilization of the sun and the various wisdom bringers actually existing and where they went. These videos though really help expand on that information (and more) from the point of view of the Religion of the Sun. Looking forward to the next one already!

    • I agree Jordan, I just finished watching “Magician of The Gods” and “Fingerprints of The Gods” by Graham Hancock on Youtube. Both are brilliant and it puts the nonsense we are fed on notice.

  • I’ve been reading some of Thor Heyerdahl’s work on Easter Island, his approach with a genuine wonder and in search of mystery is very contagious. Yet he’s very capable. Makes me really want to explore these places, as well as those mentioned in this video. 🙂

    Also in tracing some references to their mentioned sources it becomes more obvious to me how much research and work goes into trying to figure out the past! I imagine Graham Hancock must’ve also done so much work to get to the accumulated insights or theories he has come to.

    I am also really properly impressed by all the research work Angela has done and is doing. It becomes apparent to me how this must be an incredible amount of work!!! Even having directions based on the knowledge of the religion of the sun, still to actually connect the dots in history, to go through the fields and fields of information out there to do this…. it’s a huge work. A lot of perseverance that’s become apparent. When it all comes together though, serving this great purpose, it becomes something very magical!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video and already look forward to watching it again and again, and to look deeper into some of the subjects mentioned in it.

  • The myriad similarities of the wisdom bringers and their works around the world are astounding and impossible to be a coincidence.

    I hadn’t known that the wisdom bringer of the Hopi people bade them build their settlements aligned to the constellation Orion, just like the Great Pyramids of Egypt are aligned to it. Also how these totally unrelated cultures from vast distances of time and space all describe their wisdom bringers with such similar personal attributes – like those statues showing them standing with their hands on their bellies, and the bucket type object they were carrying. You would think that various ancient cultures would have distinct styles of dress so that they would describe them in their own ways and not with so many exact similarities.

    It’s interesting new information for me to hear that the god Svarog was also a genuine real person who brought civilization and spirituality to the Slavic people.

    All in all it seems like a wondrous mission of self-sacrifice, mercy and love that these divine beings came to bring true spirituality back to humanity, rebuilding our world, and left us with such an immense and important legacy. So it is a shame that they are almost completely forgotten nowadays, or if remembered as part of myths, certainly not given the credit they deserve. And yet they’ve stayed with us so to speak, watching over us throughout the ages from the higher dimensions.

    Thank you Jenny, and thank you for putting this information together and presenting it so beautifully Angela and the team at Sakro Sawel.

  • Fantastic video very interesting the information your talking about and the importance of this knowledge that these Wisdom Bringers brought to humanity, I guess its a shame that this information has been lost or just considered not relevant in these times of materialism

  • What a great source of knowledge and information (within this video) that is provided to those seeking an alternative reality. The simple fact that anyone can find out for themselves this level of information is enlightening – via the Astral dimensions. I found this video very well presented and more importantly easy to comprehend.

    Thank you very much for your time and efforts in sharing this vital information.

  • Dear Angela and Sakro Sawel team…another informative, eye opening and perspective shifting video. It would seem human history has not been taught accurately, ignoring vital facts and timelines that align ancient civilizations with a far greater understanding of spiritual concepts and practices – those of Solstices and Equinoxes as having a deeper spiritual significance than that given to them by our modern day thinking. Our modern day civilization seems to lack this deeper and more spiritual understanding of the purpose of life and the reasons for celebrating Solstices and Equinoxes. The Wisdom Bringers certainly risked their lives to ensure this spiritual knowledge survived after the last cataclysm…

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