How to Practice the Religion of the Sun

Rodny Kruh in Slovakia celebrating the summer solstice.

The group Rodny Kruh in Slovakia celebrating the summer solstice.

The Religion of the Sun has many different aspects, allowing people to choose how they participate in whatever way works best for them.

Someone may wish to simply practice at home on their own or amongst their family. Or, they may have a few friends they like to meet up with. Others may prefer the added activities a group environment brings.

Because the Religion of the Sun has been preserved and expressed by many different cultures, someone may like to practice the Religion of the Sun according to their own culture, and use the research and resources on this website to enrich their understanding of its symbols and spiritual knowledge. Or, they might like to use the many different cultural expressions of the Religion of the Sun from throughout the world to create their own unique blend of them.

Whichever way someone decides to go, here is an outline of how anyone can practice the ancient Religion of the Sun.

1. Bring the spiritual practices of this ancient religion into your life by practicing them at any schedule you decide.

2. Understand the deeper spiritual significance of the sun.

3. Celebrate the four major stages of the sun’s journey through the year, which are the solstices and equinoxes, according to their spiritual meaning. A celebration can range all the way from simply observing the sun with an understanding of its spiritual meaning, to conducting a full-scale ceremony with a number of other people.

4. Develop a relationship with your inner Being (your own spiritual sun), by communing with it through prayer, spiritual practice, and ceremony.

5. Get acquainted with the symbols of the sun – you could wear them and bring them into your home.

6. Incorporate the ancient symbols of the sun into the ceremonial dress you use for celebrating the sun.

SpiritualSun Slavic Shrine Example7. Create your own sacred space or shrine, which could be inside your home, in your garden, or at a dedicated location like a temple or outdoors. Either align this space to the sun and/or incorporate any symbols of the sun into it. You could also visit existing ancient sacred sites that are aligned to the sun.

8. Take an interest in celestial occurrences, but don’t celebrate the black/new moon or the cross quarter days such as Samhain/Halloween, as these are not celebrations of light and thus do not belong to the Religion of the Sun. The Religion of the Sun is essentially a religion of light.


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