Symbols of the Sun

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Logo of The Spiritual Sun website, incorporating an ancient symbol of the sun found in the culture of the Guanche of Tenerife, and the solar cross.

Symbols of the ancient Religion of the Sun can be found all over the world, carrying its unifying and powerful message across many continents, cultures, and time.

Today, these symbols can be found encoded into the structures and reliefs of ancient sacred sites, into artwork, tapestry, pottery, jewelry, ceremonial items, sacred ceremonies and rites, clothing, and even the organization and arrangement of entire ancient cities and communities.

Below is a collection of some of the more common symbols of the Religion of the Sun from all over the world, which can be used for incorporating into clothing and ceremonial items, into the construction of sacred circles, shrines, etc. Each of the pictures below expands when clicked upon to explain the history and meaning of each symbol.

Note: this resource is a work in progress, and more symbols and examples will continue to be added to it in the near future.

This page has been put together by Jenny Belikov.

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