Sacred Texts & Myths

resourcesDiscover the wisdom of spiritual teachers throughout time by browsing our collection of sacred texts and myths – both ancient and modern – from around the world. These texts emphasise gaining knowledge of ourselves and of the universe through direct personal experience, and inner transformation to bring us closer to divinity. Within them are contained many spiritual practices and exercises, and inspiring messages and teachings about living every day spiritually.

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Ancient History & Sacred Sites

Stonehenge_ODelve into a selection of books, articles, websites and other recommended reading on ancient history and sacred sites from around the world.

Various experts in the field of archeology, archaeoastronomy and spirituality look into the life and accomplishments of ancient people that lived in times when the spirituality of the Sun was more dominant in society.

Please note that opinions and views expressed in this collection are the authors’ own and do not always reflect the views of The Spiritual Sun.

Further material will be added as research continues.

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