Research on Ancient History & Sacred Sites


Below is a collection of books, articles, websites and other recommended reading on ancient history and sacred sites from around the world. Please note that opinions and views expressed in this collection are the authors’ own and do not always reflect the views of The Spiritual Sun.

Further material will be added as research continues.

The Spirituality of the Sun

PSS_March2015_rev_smlThe Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub with Angela Pritchard

The Path of the Spiritual Sun uncovers the profound spiritual significance of the veneration of the sun, pulling together the sites, texts, traditions, and symbols from around the world, that were based on the sun’s cycle, to reveal the common thread of spirituality running through all of them and imbued in the very fabric of creation itself.
Some believe that the correlation between celestial cycles and the lives of so many famous deities only indicates that different religions borrowed from one another, basing their stories on the pagan traditions of sun worship. But to mystics, this correlation is the result of something hidden and profound that is central to all authentic spirituality—the path to enlightenment.
 This path is one that is mirrored in the heavens with the movements of the celestial bodies and is found in the intrinsic design of the universe. At the solstices and equinoxes ancient people celebrated its stages in tune with the natural rhythms of the sun and seasons, which are permeated by its principles.

Ancient Civilizations & Sacred Sites

Recommended Books:

Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo
The Soul of Ancient Egypt by Robert Bauval

Recommended Articles:

Hopi Spirituality | The Kachinas: An Alien Intelligence, But Not As We Know It by Philip Coppens

Recommended Websites:

Ancient Britannia

Recommended Articles:

Land of the Gods| Lothian’s Sacred Landscape by Philip Coppens

Recommended Websites:


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