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On this page we have curated a number of modern resources which:

  • Speak about the Religion of the Sun and how it can be practised in modern times
  • Explore ancient sacred sites from all around the world; and
  • Uncover many different aspects of the lost civilization of the sun.

This page is a work in progress. As more relevant modern works are found or become available they will be added to this list. If you know of any modern works which you can recommend on these subjects, please send them to us through our contact page.

The Religion of the Sun

The Ancient Religion of the Sun, Lara Atwood

The Ancient Religion Of The Sun Lara AtwoodThe ancient Religion of the Sun has had a powerful influence upon human history and some of its major civilizations, giving rise to many of the most famous ancient sites and revered wisdom traditions.

In The Ancient Religion of the Sun, Lara Atwood traces the origins of this religion, its spread and practice, and humanity’s forgotten sacred past, examining indigenous histories and customs, traditional mythology and folklore, sacred texts, as well as archeological, historical, genetic, and linguistic evidence of the lost civilization of the sun and the veneration of the sun which was at its core.

For more information visit The Ancient Religion Of The Sun.

The Lost Civilization of the Sun

Magicians of the Gods, Graham Hancock

The Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock explores irrefutable scientific evidence for a comet impact that caused massive flooding and destroyed a once advanced civilization between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago. These dates align exactly with those given by Plato for the destruction of the mythical city of Atlantis, and worldwide flooding is spoken of in the written and oral histories of numerous cultures around the world.

Magicians of the Gods also explains how after the mass flooding, survivors of an advanced and enlightened civilization traveled the world in great ships working to re-establish civilization in key areas of the world including Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, ancient Sumer, Mexico, Peru and across the Pacific.

For more information about Magicians of the Gods, please visit Graham Hancock’s website.

Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock

Fingerprints of the GodsGraham Hancock’s 1995 bestseller, Fingerprints of the Gods – Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization, sets out to uncover the true history of mankind using archaeo-astronomy, geology, and computer analysis of ancient myths. Exploring sacred sites worldwide from Tiahuanaco and Teotihuacan, to the Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt, the Nazca lines of Peru, and the Osireion at Abydos, the book takes the reader on “a journey both around the globe and into the heart of the true prehistoric origins of man.”

Fingerprints of the Gods also sheds light on the real and deeper meanings of ancient myths and monuments, and explores the warning given by the ancients through them of a terrible cataclysm that afflicts the Earth in great cycles at irregular intervals of time.

For more information about Fingerprints of the Gods, visit Graham Hancock’s website.

White Indians of Nivaria, Gordon Kennedy

In the The White Indians of Nivaria; The Untold Story of the Last Stone-Age Indo-European Tribes, author Gordon Kennedy presents the ethnography of the Guanche Indians, who are stated as being the last white stone-age culture. The Guanche were a race of Indo-European origin native to Tenerife island (the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands). They practiced many similar traditions to the ancient Egyptians such as mummification and pyramid building, despite being separated geographically by thousands of miles. They also appear to have been custodians of the ancient spiritual legacy of the Religion of the Sun, likely passed to them by an even earlier culture from European pre-history.

For more information about The White Indians of Niviara visit Gordon Kennedy’s website White Indians.

Sacred Sites

Books about Ancient Africa

Pathways of the Sun, Dean Liprini

In his book Pathways of the Sun, Dean Liprini takes the reader on a journey of discovery through a network of sacred sites surrounding Table Mountain in South Africa. These sites — many of which are geometrically aligned — have been designed in such a way that they interact with the sun on the solstices and equinoxes.

Throughout his book Dean tries to answer questions posed by these sacred sites, such as:

  • Who created them?
  • Why do the human faces of some of the stone monuments around Table Mountain have human faces whose eyes align to the cardinal directions of the sun?
  • Was the deliberate alignment of these sites a way of passing on a message for future generations?

Learn more about Pathway of the Sun here.

Books about Ancient Britain

Modern works in this category coming soon…

Note: This page is an ongoing work in progress. As we continue to explore the Religion of the Sun and come across new resources we will add them to their relevant sections. If you come across any credible resources related to the topics on this website that you would like to share, please send them to us through our contact page.

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