Traditional Music Related to the Sun

Woman playing a traditional oak drum. Public domain image found here.

Both the sun and music played integral roles in the spirituality of many ancient cultures. As a result, there are numerous traditional songs and musical compositions that relate to or celebrate the sun in some way. At times traditional music even directly refers to the sun in its spiritual aspect.

On this resource page we share pieces of traditional and folk music both in English and in other languages. These pieces are categorized firstly by the culture that they originated from, and then by the artist or group performing them.

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South American

In ancient times, wisdom bringers traveled to South America, carrying the knowledge of the Religion of the Sun, and likely influencing the traditional Andean / Inca music (which is still played today) with their own sacred music.

Inkuyo – Land of the Incas (album/cd)

Inkuyo are a multicultural ensemble that performs Andean music. A selection of tracks from their first album Land of the Incas is embedded below.

The whole album is available as a playlist on youtube here.

Una Ramos

Una Ramos was a celebrated Andean / Incan musician. A selection of his songs specifically related to the sun can be found below.

North American

The Watersons

The Watersons were a vocal group that released a number of folk albums in the 1960s and 1970s containing songs they collected from various traditions. Here is one of their tracks whose lyrics relate to the spiritual sun being born within a person on the winter solstice.

Traditional and Folk Music from Other Cultures

More traditional and folk music coming soon…

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