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A depiction of Odin by Georg von Rosen. Odin was known as the wisdom bringer in Scandinavia. Wisdom bringers such as him traveled the world, establishing civilizations and spreading the Religion of the Sun.

The Religion of the Sun was once shared across the world by people of many different cultures. It is evidenced as being the known world's original and most wide-spread religion. Proof for this religion can be found in the legends of wisdom bringers who traveled the world establishing civilizations and spreading its knowledge of the spirituality of the sun, and in the legacy of sacred sites we still have today that were constructed in regions they traveled to.

Evidence can also be found in the lives of the deities of many ethnic spiritual traditions -- for example Osiris, Mithras, Hun Hunahpu, and Quetzalcoatl -- who all had similar life events that mirrored major stages in the sun's journey throughout the year. Interestingly, their lives also contain many similarities to the life of Jesus -- another figure whose life is associated with the sun -- indicating just how universal the Religion of the Sun and its underlying principles were, and how its knowledge transcends both time and culture.

On this page we will be curating a number of video resources that explain and elucidate aspects of the Religion of the Sun. This list will continue to evolve over time as new videos are added when we discover them. If you know of any credible video resources related to the Religion of the Sun -- either in English or your native language -- please share them with us through our contact page.

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