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On this page you’ll find some of the most interesting and useful websites, YouTube channels and articles we have come across in our research that explore ancient sacred sites aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, the lost civilization of the sun, and the Religion of the Sun.

Websites and YouTube Channels

Please note, while these websites and channels provide a great deal of useful information, the views expressed on some of them may not always align with those of the Spiritual Sun. 

Sakro Sawel

Sakro Sawel means “sacred sun” in Proto-Indo-European. is dedicated to the exploration of the ancient Religion of the Sun that was diffused across the world by ancient sages and wisdom bringers after a great catastrophe that took place around 9500 BC. Sakro Sawel explores the mythology, wisdom, history, archaeology, symbols, and modern-day revival of this ancient religion.

The Sakro Sawel website presents videos on these subjects, which are produced and presented by Lara Atwood and a small production team. She states: “I believe it [the Religion of the Sun] is the key to understanding our ancient past, who we are, and why we’re here.”

Visit Sakro Sawel here.

Sakro Sawel YouTube Channel

On the Sakro Sawel YouTube channel Lara Atwood explores many different aspects of the ancient religion of the sun including;

  • Its origins and the many places it was practiced around the world
  • The legendary sages and civilizers recorded in myths, legends and sacred texts who established civilizations and sacred sites following a global cataclysm, bringing with them the religion of the sun
  • The similarities between many ancient sites, their symbolism and alignments to major phases of the sun’s procession
  • Ancient prophecies and the evidence for a lost civilization of the sun
  • The revival of the religion of the sun in the modern day; and much more!

The Sakro Sawel YouTube channel regularly features new videos, and Lara Atwood is active in the comments sections on her videos if you would like to join in the discussion about the topics being presented.

Visit the Sakro Sawel YouTube channel here.

Modern Explorers

A screenshot of the Modern Explorers website.

The Modern Explorers are a group of open-minded film makers who explore ancient megalithic sites around the world. The Modern Explorers website was created as a platform where photos, video and the research they were conducting could be housed.

The Modern Explorers state that while the internet provides a large amount of information, they feel much of it can be biased. For this reason they look for their own answers, conducting exploration and research with a critical eye, aiming to find the truth and to make sense of the world and reality we all live in.

The Modern Explorers typically focus their research on Ancient Civilizations, but also explore some eco-friendly projects.

Visit the Modern Explorers website here.

Celtic New Zealand

A screenshot of the Celtic NZ website

The Celtic New Zealand website is based on the work of archaeo-astronomer Martin Doutré. It contains a series of articles that discuss in detail evidence for the existence of incredibly ancient civilizations, with a particular focus on promoting an open discussion regarding the ancient history and heritage of New Zealand.

The stated aim of the Celtic New Zealand website is to “uncover the truth as it relates to the distant past and in doing so know better the land which is our home in the present…”, an exploration website visitors are welcome to take part in.

Visit the Celtic New Zealand website here.

The Kon-Tiki Museum

A screenshot of the Kon-Tiki Museum website.

The Kon-Tiki Museum was created as a tribute to Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 Kon-Tiki Expedition, where he sailed from South America to Polynesia with a small crew and no support boat on a balsa wood raft. The full journey took 101 days, and proved once and for all that migration in this manner would have been possible for ancient peoples.

The Kon-Tiki Museum website provides a visual and written introduction to Thor’s life and work in the groundbreaking field of experimental-archaeology. It explains his interest in ancient cultures, and details the different expeditions he undertook in sea vessels constructed according to ancient building methods.

Visit the Kon-Tiki Museum website here.

The Megalithic Portal

A screenshot of the Megalithic Portal website.

The Megalithic Portal is an interactive website where thousands of megalith enthusiasts, archaeologists and locals have contributed to the discovery, documentation and protection of ancient sites around the world.

The information provided by volunteer contributors such as photographs, map location and comments, details a growing number of known and disappearing sites, helping to preserve and remember the ancient history of global megalithic and prehistoric site construction.

The Megalithic Portal showcases all types of ancient sites from around the world, helping interested visitors to locate and document new sites on the portal.

Visit the Megalithic Portal website here.


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