Russia – Sacred Sites Aligning to the Solstice or Equinox

Here on this page is a list of sacred sites in Russia with an alignment to a solstice or equinox.

Note this list is by no means exhaustive and will be added to as we come across more. If you’ve got a suggestion for a site that could be added, feel free to let us know via our feedback form.

Summer Solstice

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Winter Solstice

  • The Cairn and Underground Dolmen of Psinako Valley, Russia
    Article with more info
  • The Wolf Rock Dolmens Group of the Lazarevskoye Region, Russia
    Article with more info
  • Arkaim and Surrounding Megalithic Sites in Southern and Central Ural region, Russia
    More info coming soon…

Spring and Autumn Equinox

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