Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Sun

Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Sun

Please note: This section of the site is still under development.

Spiritual PracticesHere at The Spiritual Sun, we research and uncover the practices used in ancient traditions with the knowledge of the religion of the sun. But more than just uncover them, we practice them ourselves.

Reading about spiritual things only gets someone so far – eventually a point is reached where reading just creates more ideas, rather than experience. Spiritual exercises, however, provide a way to gain spiritual knowledge and insight from personal experience and ultimately walk the path of the spiritual sun.

Practices from the Ancient Religion of the Sun

Self-Observation — An Exercise from the MahabharataWe only cover practices from the ancient religion of the sun and those traditions which were influenced by it, or that contain the wisdom of the path of the spiritual sun/Son. These practices can help someone to walk the spiritual path which corresponds to the path of the sun through the sky as marked by the solstices and equinoxes, and as shown by those teachers within these traditions (Jesus, Krishna, Osiris, etc.).

In their book The Path of the Spiritual Sun, authors Belsebuub and Lara Atwood explain how this once global religion influenced ancient Egypt, Hinduism, the Druids, Jesus and the early Christians/Gnostics, among many others, and its practices passed down through them into the societies they taught in. On this website we focus on gathering these very practices so that they can become a resource for anyone looking to explore and experience the ancient Religion of the Sun.

Below are categories of practices of the religion of the sun listed by type and by tradition. Note this list is a work in progress; more will be added as research progresses over time.

Explore practices by type

  • Being in the Present MomentThe Communion with Angels
  • Dreams
  • Elimination of the Egos
  • Helping Others Spiritually
  • Mantras
  • Meditation
  • Out-of-Body-Experiences
  • Prayer
  • Retrospection
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Self-Discovery
  • Spiritual Alchemy

Explore practices by tradition

  • Ancient EgyptianCelebrate the Winter Solstice — The Return of the Light
  • Ancient Gnostic
  • Ancient Greek
  • Hermetic
  • Hindu
  • Sumerian
  • Taoist

Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies

One of the most special practices is attending a sacred solstice or equinox ceremony with other people. These mark the major stages of the path of the sun, as well as the major stages in the spiritual work.

Such celebrations have been around as long as humanity has existed, as evidenced by the thousands of sites around the world aligned to the path of the sun and stars. We aim to revive these ancient celebrations and make them a relevant part of people's lives today.

Learn more about attending a traditional revival ceremony here

More Practices Added as We Find Them

This practices section is a continual work in progress, and will be developed further over time as we discover new ones.

If you come across any practices in sacred texts related to the religion of the sun that aren't covered in this section yet, feel free to let us know about it via our contact page.

Practices Listed by Type and Tradition

Practices by Type

These practices have been taken from a broad range of ancient texts that contain the...

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