Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Sun

Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Sun

Please note: This section of the site is still under development.

The Communion with AngelsWe're currently researching practices found in ancient traditions that derived from the ancient religion of the sun. This research is not accessible and is not yet complete, though we are preparing to release it in the future.

So far, we've found practices in the following traditions.

  • Ancient EgyptianCelebrate the Winter Solstice — The Return of the Light
  • Ancient Gnostic
  • Ancient Greek
  • Hermetic
  • Hindu
  • Sumerian
  • Taoist

Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies

One of the most common practices of the religion of the sun is attending a solstice or equinox ceremony.

Such celebrations have been around for many thousands of years, as evidenced by the thousands of sites around the world aligned to the sun and stars.

Learn more about attending a traditional revival ceremony here

More Practices Added as We Find Them

This practices section is a continual work in progress, and will be developed further over time.

If you come across any practices in sacred texts related to the religion of the sun, feel free to let us know about it via our contact page.

Practices Listed by Type and Tradition

Practices by Type

These practices have been taken from a broad range of ancient texts that contain the...

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