Practices from Sacred Texts

Explore spiritual practices uncovered within ancient sacred texts from cultures that followed forms of the religion of the sun. These practices have their roots in spiritual writings hundreds or thousands of years old and are re-discovered and explained by spiritual seekers of today.

Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian Texts

Explore practices uncovered within Ancient Egyptian sacred writings.

Ancient Greek

ancient greek Texts

Practices from the texts of Ancient Greek mystics and philosophers.

Early Christian

Early Christian Texts

Practices and exercises found in the most esoteric Early Christian texts.


Essene Texts

Practices from Essene Texts.


Hermetic Texts

Sacred spiritual practices sourced from Hermetic Texts.


Hindu Texts

Sacred mantras and spiritual techniques uncovered in Hindu Texts.



Explore ancient Sumerian practices and exercises written down in cuneiform.


Taoist Texts

Spiritual techniques unearthed from the sacred texts of Taoism.