Ancient Spiritual Practices by Type

These practices have been taken from a broad range of ancient texts that contain the principles and practices of the religion of the sun. They are listed here by type.

Being in the Present Moment

A timeless practice to bring attention to and experience the present moment.


Exercises for remembering, interpreting, and using dreams for guidance.


Mantras are spiritual techniques that use the power of sound.


A range of meditation exercises that have different goals and benefits.


Self-discovery is seeing and understanding the thoughts and emotions that drive one’s actions.


Prayer is a method for communicating with the divine.

Elimination of the Egos

The elimination of the egos is a process of inner change and purification.

Helping Others Spiritually

In many traditions, helping others spiritually is an essential part of spiritual practice.


Sacred ceremonies have been used for millennia to celebrate important events.

Out-of-Body Experiences

Out-of-body experiences occur when a person is conscious and aware of being outside their body.


Retrospection is reflecting on past events in order to learn from them.

Spiritual Alchemy

 Spiritual alchemy is an exercise for couples that harnesses the creative energies.

Mantra Om symbol image by Josef Rinderer [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons. Modified.


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