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Dolmens and Megaliths in Montana, USA — Align to Solstices and Equinoxes

Montana Dolmens and Megaliths

One of the dolmens at the Spiral Rocks Complex in Montana. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder reposted with permission from their website Galactic Facets — Dolmens in Montana.

In 2011, in the heart of the state of Montana, near Helena, several people exploring the surrounding forests began bringing to light a vast network of dolmens and fascinating megalithic structures that they were coming across, some of which align to solstices and equinoxes, hold alignments with other ancient sacred sites around the world, appear to have acoustic features, and many of which bear similarities to ancient megalithic structures on various continents around the world.

Some of the rock art found in the area depicts pictographs and glyphs of an ancient pre-sanskrit writing system that has been found in other ancient sites around the world. This writing system is hypothesized by artifact researchers such as Klaus Dona to be an ancient global language. Information about the pictographs found in Montana and their correlation to other ancient sites can be found here.

julie-ryder Montana Megaliths

A photo of Julie Ryder at one of the sites (reposted with permission via Galactic Facets).

Julie Ryder and her husband Bill have been at the forefront of uncovering, exploring, and documenting these sites. On Julie’s website, Galactic Facets, you can find a myriad of information and photos of these places. Much of the information and photos to follow in this article are made available thanks to their work in sharing their discoveries.

In one interview, Julie explained that she was first drawn to explore the area after attending annual ceremonies and staying in the home of the Navajo elder Leon Secatero, who spoke of and interpreted the petroglyphs and pictographs at a site called Shaman Rock in Montana, which got her interested in the subject.

She also shared that Leon Secatero hosted the Indigenous Conference in New Mexico in 1998, and shared that though the cultures of the different tribes vary, they shared many similar legends, expressions, art, ceremonies, and beliefs, stemming from what appears to be a shared past, and that many of these tribes have legends of an ancient global civilization that was scattered and mostly wiped out by a series of cataclysms, and that remnants of that civilization can still be seen today scattered across the earth.

Despite being a registered nurse by profession, she felt inspired to intuitively explore the surrounding wilderness, and was amazed at all the things she could find “in her own backyard” in Montana, which is what brought her to document her findings and learn more about dolmens and ancient megalithic structures around the world. Friends and acquaintances joined her and Bill in their explorations.

There are several different sites in the vicinity (all within 60 miles of the state capital Helena), some of which feature specific dolmens (14 have been officially discovered so far), some of which feature megalithic caves and walls, some of which feature rock art, and more. These sites were erected over gold mines (similarly to some other ancient sites in South Africa and Indonesia for instance). Six of the dolmens and two of the megalithic sites align on a ley line that passes through the area.

There appears to be plenty more megalithic remnants to be uncovered as these areas are still in the very early states of the process of being explored.

Montana megaliths and dolmens

A few of the interesting structures on site, suggesting human origin. Photos by Julie and Bill Ryder, reposted with permission from their website.

Ley Lines and the Montana-Earth Grid Corridor Connection

Montana dolmen giant's playground

One of the seven dolmens at Giant’s Playground in Montana. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

Dolmens and megalithic structures in general are believed to be some of the oldest remnants of an ancient culture that once inhabited the Earth. These stone structures, though worn down, morphed, and “beaten” (sometimes beyond recognition) with age and various cataclysms and / or nature’s cycles, are one of the few surviving remnants of this ancient past, and can be found all around the world today.

The location of sacred sites, megaliths, and dolmens is typically of significance, and these structures are usually found upon ley lines and in alignment with star clusters, the Milky Way, as well as phases of the sun and moon.

Many of these sites and shrines are also built on mountain peaks (such as for instance the case with the Kokino site and its satelite mountain-top shrines in Macedonia), and / or are oriented to a mountain (more on this later).

The megalithic structures uncovered around Helena, Montana, share all the above characteristics with these same types of ancient structures world-wide.

There are six major Montana dolmen sites gracing the mountain tops, all on the Montana ley line grid, which is a vertical grid that stretches from Canada to Arizona (based on the Becker-Hagen Planetary Grid System). Two additional dolmen sites, not on the ley line, complete the formation of the letter T.

Some of the dolmens in the vicinity are impressive in stature and features. Others are simpler single dolmen sites and menhirs, seemingly there to mark a spot.

Pipestone Dolmen in Montana, USA

The Pipestone Dolmen in Montana. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

The Pipestone Dolmen, which was discovered in 2012 in the vicinity of Ringing Rocks (more on that site later) is positioned on the latitude line connecting Ankgor Wat in Cambodia and Nazca in Peru, and which converges with the earth grid corridor (a line that circles the world and passes some of the most significant ancient sites of the world).

In the video clip below Julie explains the alignments of the Montana structures to these other sacred sites around the world (just until the 1:07 mark):

Alignment to Summer Solstices

tizer dolmen montana aligns to summer solstice

Montana’s Tizer Dolmen aligns to Summer Solstice. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

Tizer Dolmen was discovered in the area by Richard Krott, from Tizer Garden. It is by far one of the most unique and intriguing dolmens on site.

It features two tall vertical stone “pillars”, set at 90 degree angles, and lined with pink granite, and topped with a capstone.

tizer dolmen montana

Another view of the Tizer Dolmen. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

The dolmen’s stature is quite impressive as it stands 28 feet from the current ground level (the tallest stone at England’s Stonehenge is about 30 feet tall, for comparison).

Tizer Dolmen faces directly south, and exactly at noon on Summer Solstice day the sun shines between the two pillars of the dolmen, aligning the other rock structures on a mountain peak behind the dolmen.

The Tizer dolmen features a rounded supporting base of interlocking stones (which apparently could have enabled the dolmen to be rotated into alignment).

Terry also noted that the capstone is contoured to fit the upright stones using fitted joinery / an interlocking mechanism, “much like log home construction where a gouge tool is used.”

Possible Alignment to Winter Solstice

Montana Megalithic Menhirs -- Winter Solstice Alignment

Bill Ryder standing next to one of the Amber’s Compass Menhirs.

There is also a set of three giant standing stones near the Giant’s Playground megaliths (more on this area in the next section) that Julie believes are winter solstice-aligned, however she is awaiting the next winter solstice to confirm her hypothesis.
Megalithic Winter Solstice Stone Circle in Montana

The aerial photo Julie shared of the circle at this megalithic site, in which the stones have a southeast orientation.

She named the megaliths Amber’s Compass. An aerial photo reveals that the site used to be a circle. From the aerial photo it became evident that the stones are oriented in a southeast alignment, and she shared the following:

Freddy Silva states, “Temples oriented to the southeast tend to be precisely aligned to the first emerging rays of the Winter Solstice, the moment during the solar year when light begins to overcome the dark.”
Tony Silva, Common Wealth 2010, Page 223

She suspected the winter solstice alignment based on the observation of some shadows being cast by the menhirs, which appear to be split in half vertically, like a sun dial, onto a stone circle with a cross sectional cutting in the center at sunset in the winter time, which is what tipped her off to the potential winter solstice connection of the site in the first place.

Two of the menhirs appear to have fallen over, so alignments will be more difficult to asses, but there still appears to be a relationship between the three menhirs and central stone’s placement.


The shadow casting stones and central stone on the left, and a close up of the cross-shaped cut markings on the central stone on the right. Photos copyright Julie and Bill Ryder.

There have been suggestions that the circle’s stone placements might be related to Orion’s belt. Julie pointed out that not all ancient sites hold solar or stellar alignments, so whether this site indeed aligns to the winter solstice is yet to be seen. Though the signs appear to be promising.

Giant’s Playground


The Evergreen dolmen. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

“Giant’s Playground” is another megalithic site discovery in the area, located on the oldest exposed North American land. This site was found in 2015 and it too aligns on the ley line grid stretching from Butte and Helena, aligning with other dolmens in the vicinity.

Three hills in this area are topped with megaliths and align to one another. This perfect alignment of the stone wall-like hill top structures can be seen from the Evergreen Dolmen (the largest one of the three). Many of the stone structures here are also interestingly lined with a layer of pink granite.

Window at Megalithic Castle Arcadion in Montana

Window at Megalithic “Castle Arcadion” in Montana. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

One of the structures on site is “Castle Arcadion” — a massive solid stone structure that contains an internal passageway and a 90 degree perpendicular hallway, as well as 90-degree cut outer corners on the south-facing wall of the “castle”.

A massive stripped granite block totally different to the rest of the structure blocks the back of one of the passageway (indicating intelligent design, as one of the qualifications for dolmens or megalithic structures is the presence of a stone completely different to the others, as that is considered an unnatural occurrence). There also is a cut window on the south side of the structure, allowing light to stream through.

megaliths in the USA

Vertical seams in the stone at Giant’s Playground. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

Another interesting feature of this “castle” is the presence of three distinct vertical seams on the south wall of the structure, which are somewhat reminiscent of the stone wall of Ollantaytambo in Peru.

Across a stream from this castle, new megalithic structures have been discovered, also featuring massive straight cut stones. The straight cuts apparently feature no actual cut marks or tool marks.

A north-south straight cut giant corridor is also present in several parts of Giant’s Playground.

montana megaliths straight cut stones

Straight cut stones at Giant’s Playground, featuring no tool or cutting marks. Photos copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

Montana Megaliths Construction

Stone walls utilizing an ancient building technique used across many of the most ancient sacred sites. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

Another interesting similarity of Giant’s Playground’s construction is the joinery of stone walls, which is incredibly reminiscent of masonry techniques used in some of the most ancient known sacred sites all over the world, such as in Peru, Egypt, and so on. The technique uses no binding substance. The stones are cut into seemingly random shapes, yet are fitted perfectly together like a puzzle — an architecture technique that enabled many of these stone structures to stand erect for many thousands of years.

Below is another interesting similarity to South American ancient stone structures that Julie highlighted on her site:

Montana megaliths similar to machu pichu in Peru

Amidst the many stone structures of Giant’s Playground there appears to be a fallen over throne structure. The presence of a stone throne would be reminiscent of other ancient structures around the world, such as the Kokino observatory for instance.

Alignment to Equinoxes

Giant’s Playground contains some interesting carved rock art and statues. One of these statues appears to be the shape of a mummy or robot. It was indeed nicknamed “robot man” or “robotic watcher”. The interesting thing is that at the spring equinox the statue faces the sunrise precisely, with the sun illuminating a portion of the statue’s face (the inset left eye).

megalithic giant statue in montana, usa

Megalithic statue faces the sunrise at the spring equinox featured on the left. On the right is some petroglyph art from Utah, featuring similar figures that appear to be in ceremonial gear. Photo copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

Another interesting statue in this area is one of a “birdman”, which was nicknamed after the Egyptian Bennu bird. Bennu in Egyptian mythology is a symbol of a phoenix bird, despite bearing the appearance of a heron. The word Benu derives from the words “rise” or “shine”, and it is a symbol of the rising and the setting sun. This statue is made from a completely different stone type than the surrounding granite stone.

megalithic statue in montana

A screenshot from Galactic Facets of the Bennu Birdman from Montana’s Giant’s Playground, alongside a similar-looking bird god.

Other statues and carvings resembling birds can be found on site.

Alignments to Mountains

Julie has a quote on her website from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who studied the orientation of 81 European dolmens and concluded that: “As it can be easily seen, the dolmens’ axes are oriented predominantly to some hill or peak lying at some distance.”

This definitely seems to be the case for at least some of the Montana dolmens. A pyramid mountain peak is in view of the Boulder Dolmen for instance, the center of the dolmen’s entrance aligning with the shape of the mountain. It also happens to be remarkably similar to an Australian dolmen at Girraween Park in Queensland.

Boulder megalithic dolmen in Montana USA

On the left is a photo of the Australian dolmen in Girraween Park. Center is a photo of Julie and a friend at the Boulder Dolmen in Montana, which bears a striking similarity to the dolmen on the left. On the right is the pyramid-shaped mountain peak the dolmen aligns with and is oriented towards. Photos copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

The Whale Dolmen, featuring a T-shaped chamber on the inside, is another example of a dolmen that aligns with the pyramid shaped mountain.

dolmen in montana aligning to pyramid mountain

A side-view of Whale Dolmen on the left, and the pyramid mountain it is oriented towards on the left. Photos copyright Julie and Bill Ryder, re-posted with permission via Galactic Facets.

In total there are seven dolmens discovered in this area so far, all oriented towards the peak of a mountain at a distance.

Another one of these dolmens is the Mushroom House Dolmen — a structure so aged that only the lintel and a hint of its pillars are visible above ground level today. This dolmen aligns to the pyramid-shaped Weathermaker Mountain. Julie created a little push pin map of dolmens they’ve discovered so far that align to this mountain:

ancient megalithic dolmen in montana aligns to mountain

Energy Fields

It is hypothesized that the energy fields (or an energy vortex) in some places at these megalithic sites in Montana affect the surrounding nature. Tree branches and trunks in the area appear to grow in a consistent spiraling pattern around Tizer Dolmen for instance. And there are also trees growing in the shape of a musical tuner or pitchfork.

A screenshot of some of the trees bearing a similar tuning fork anomaly (via Galactic Facets).

A screenshot of some of the trees bearing a similar tuning fork anomaly (via Galactic Facets).


montana megalith orions belt

A screenshot from Galactic Facets of the sonic knobs in the shape of the Orion’s Belt constellation.

Some of the dolmen structures appear to have acoustic properties. Tizer Dolmen for instance features what seems like an acoustic chamber with three knobs on its exterior that appear to be in the shape of Orion’s belt.

Enigmatically, what appears to be this same “sonic knobs” arrangement in an Orion’s belt pattern on a musical rock has also been uncovered in the ancient site at the Preseli mountains megalithic sites in Wales. You can see it in figure 5 of the acoustic map featured here.

According to Julie Ryder,

“The sound of a human voice toning into the three sonic knobs of the Tizer Acoustic Chamber vibrated through the Tizer Dolmen. At one specific place on the rock covered hillside between the dolmen and the acoustic chamber a female voice rang out bouncing off a specific mountain and returned to where I was standing.”

She described a sound experiment whereby one person climbed inside the Tizer acoustic chamber and projected his voice at the knobs in different frequencies. Others were standing outside the chamber and did not hear anything physically, but could collectively feel vibrations through their bodies depending on the sound produced.

Another site in the vicinity is called Ringing Rocks, and it is a massive pile of large stones that produce a harmonic scale when struck with a hammer. The structure is shaped in a convex shape, and music played upon the stones reverberates the sound throughout the valley below.

Below is a video of the ringing rocks. You have to know where to strike to make it sound good, of course…

Dating of Montana Megaliths

Dating the sites proves to be difficult without further scientific research. Judging by the way the earth built up around some of these megaliths and dolmens, leaving only the top visible, one can see with the naked eye that the sites are indeed quite old. Julie won’t comment on the site’s age, deferring the duty of dating to the experts instead.

However, it is known that even as late as the early nineteen hundreds reports were still regularly surfacing up of finds in the area of human history far older than commonly believed. In their book Forbidden Archaeology, researchers Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson cite abundant examples of human remains and ancient artifacts discovered and reported throughout the USA dating tens of millions to hundreds of millions years back (one dating as far back as 600 million years). These ancient finds point to North America having been inhabited by many now unknown to us civilizations in the ancient past, strongly challenging the established historic narrative of human history in the Americas.

In July 1903, The Washington Post reported that Professor Marcus S. Farr from Princeton University discovered a stone age city in an area described as “Fish Creek County” in Big Timber, Montana, while searching for dinosaur fossils. In an organized expedition, professor Farr reported to have discovered there the remains of a giant 9-feet tall male and a slightly shorter skeleton believed to be of a female, as well as the remains of giant animals, and crude instruments ornamented with gems. Could this city have been a similar type of place to the kind that Julie is currently exploring? Or something even more intact?

One of the most intriguing things about these Montana megaliths is that unlike many similar sites around the world, these megaliths do not appear to have been built upon, and consequently altered, by other cultures. However, reflecting on the “disappearance from public memory” of the reported discovery by a Princeton professor of that stone age city filled with curious artifacts, another question that arises is: could these sites have been “discovered” already (in the early nineteen hundreds for instance) and had artifacts or vital clues removed? Could the giant stones be the only thing remaining because they simply could not be moved? Julie Ryder mentions in her interview that there is evidence of elements that have been clearly removed from the scene (plaques on some of the statues and megaliths) — though when and by whom is completely unknown.

That’s part of the wonder of megalithic structures — despite the passage of time, the stones remain to tell a tale of their own.


Montana’s dolmens and megaliths near Helena are only in the process of being explored, and there is much that is unknown and not yet uncovered and confirmed about these sites. Prominent researches in the field of archaeoastronomy have reportedly taken an interest in the site already.

Julie mentioned in an interview that she hopes that by continuing to document these finds online others will come forward and complete pieces of the puzzle, share their own discoveries, and collectively a fuller picture of these structures can emerge. She shared that several professional teams are becoming involved, which will hopefully shed more light on the origins of the site.

For more details and photos, you can visit Julie’s website Galactic Facets.

Writing and research by Jenny Belikov. Site suggestion submitted by Vida Narovski. Photography copyright Julie and Bill Ryder (re-posted with permission)



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About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Well see what you are missing is the recorded sound of the earth’s magnetic field and the same frequency of the whole universe at 7.83 hz. When I was on my quest as a young man in the mountains I learned and heard this frequency with my naked ear. It is a powerful sound. Vibration has power. here is what I heard everything in nature follows the magic number the golden number

  • I feel that something is pushing me to reach out about my findings in Gallatin Canyon between Gallatin Gateway and Big Sky. I am by no means an educated person in archeology, geology, or any college learned career choice. I read a lot and research on my own the best I can. A lot of my beliefs keep being confirmed throughout the years and this is one that stands out. I have, whether it be a trick of my sight or the real thing, seen outcroppings resembling faces and busts. Upon looking through satellite photos, I noticed the most significant one of these supposed faces was directed towards the west which upon inspection faces a rock wall with what looks like stacked giant square rocks on ground and from satellite there is a type of clearing in the shape of a triangle pointing towards what looks like a buried pyramid with a 3,000 sq. ft base. One other thing I found is a rock that looks like it has weld marks in the shape of squares and possible pictographs or raised designs in the squares….needs some kind of trained eye to see whats actually there.

  • Hello, interesting web page. I ignored there were megaliths in Montana even if you can find those constructions worldwide. you should take a very close look at Howard Crowhurst and Quentin Leplat works on this subject and their very pertinent mathematical explanations. then try to apply the method to theses artifacts.

  • I’m so happy to see that Bill + Julie are continuing to explore.
    I was honored to have shared in a couple of spiritual journeys with them.

    Every time I am on the road to Butte, from Three Forks, I see quite a lot of fascinating “geological” formations, also right near the most extensive gold/mineral mining area, and I get a bizarre feeling about it.

    How about remote viewing sites, as they were in the past to gather more details about purpose/layout. I do recommend consultation with tribes in the area, as certain knowledge may only be available at certain times of the year…And knowledge is not gained without an exchange. There must be a respecting of the ways of the native people who are charged with being custodians.
    Please, remember that some sites are left alone for good reason.

    Thanks for the help with Identity way, Beauty way, and Blessing way.

  • Thanks Jenny for posting this amazing site. Just to think that I’ve been in the area about 10 years ago and had absolutely no idea of anything like that.

    Although I haven’t spoken much to Americans about what they think about pre-European civilizations, I know that in Canada there is a very derogatory opinion on peoples who lived in the area before Europeans arrived. It is wonderful that such sites are coming to light. Hopefully they will bring respect to the land and to the people who inhabited it in the past.

    • There were three Haida Medicine Women from Canada at the Montana Megaliths this summer performing ceremonies and teaching us. The Indigenous People are showing us how to be in harmony with the land once again.

  • Thank you all for your support and fascinating comments and questions. Karim, you would be truly amazed at the ultra-sound frequencies produced by a human voice within the Tizer Acoustic Chamber just above the Tizer Dolmen. Specific tones penetrate and vibrate inside your body. These tones are not heard they are felt when certain people sang through the sonic knobs. At Ringing Rocks you hear the Tizer you feel the tones. See more on the Megaliths in Montana page of my Galacticfacets website.

    An arborist is studying the unusual curves and twists in several of the trees that line up on grid lines at the dolmen sites and will be writing a report about it. He stated that he had never seen anything like this anywhere else.

    Thanks to Jenny for an excellent summary. It was refreshing to see the salient points condensed into a single page article. There is so much more to come. We have discovered several more site that line up on the Dolmen Grid Line waiting for exploration in the Spring. We plan on being at Amber’s Compass on the Winter Solstice if there is not a blizzard.

    • Thanks Julie.

      You guessed right :-), I love doing vowel like mantras and experimenting with sounds, especially in places that have a nice full echo. To hear about a sacred site where sound apparently plays an important role and the megaliths sing back ‘sounds’ absolutely amazing indeed!

      Even those sound effects at Chichen itza where if one claps the echo comes back sounding like a native bird and from another building as a snake (as in quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent), it just makes you wonder about the type of knowledge these people must have had.

      Really exciting to hear that the arborist has never seen trees like that anywhere else. I read about someone’s experience recently who had a lucid dream/astral projection experience (don’t know if you’re familiar with that) at Machu Picchu. What was interesting was that she could hear beautiful music coming from the mountains themselves! This makes me wonder, just a very spontaneous idea, that perhaps here in the area of these sites in Montana there’s also a music, a vibration, playing in the air. Or these stones emit a vibration that is not normally audible to human ears. It’s all very interesting stuff.

      Good luck as well on making it to the area during the winter solstice, hope the weather cooperates :-).

      • I am very familiar with out of body experiences, Shamanic Journey, astral travel, lucid dreams which all describe altered states of consciousness. This is how I discovered several of the megaliths, dolmens, pictograph sites and accessed the crystal skulls. The most powerful experiences of my life is when several of us are in a Shamanic Journey together and all have the same vision. Amazing results.

      • The Indigenous Elders took me in and taught me how to see. They instructed me to interpret this for the Western Mind so that the knowledge did not pass away with them when they crossed over. Many of my teachers have made the journey to the other side. We are the elders now and are solving the puzzles that were left for us about our ancient past. Many have contributed to this growing body of knowledge and I appreciate all who walk in the light.

    • Most of these things all predate all North American Native cultures. In the Tar Pits of California they have found Mastodon type animal bones with knife marks, and evidence of human activity estimated at 200M years old. By modern scientific analyze. The Prof. who discovered this 25 years ago kept quiet. Because the science community destroys anyone who steps outside their narrative. Read another account were a drilling company in the Midwest were doing core samples for geology purposes and found a perfect human tooth down about 4-5000 ft below the surface. The Natives are recent immigrants in this context. So much we do not know so much that is hidden.

      • Thanks for sharing those finds R. Beacon. It’s very interesting to hear about, but also a pity that aspects of archaeology are covered up by the mainstream, in order to maintain the status quo.

  • Thanks guys, intruiging find. When adding all these elements together a story, or probably a hint of story, starts emerging.

    The summer solstice rocks seem to me to be very clearly set up for their designated purpose. I also find the lying man very interesting, it definitely seems like it had an important ceremonial function.

    Those ‘tuning fork’ trees are really strange!? Never seen that before. Is that also something that happens sometimes to other such trees not in the areas of these megaliths? Or else it would be a pretty telling sign that something’s going on there.

    The ‘molten’ rocks building style is also quite stange, like the article says it reminds me of the Peruvian stone wall styles.

    I find the musical and sound elements hugely interesting. Must be quite the exploration to find out how to ‘unlock’ them.

    • I know, Karim. So many mysteries to unravel at this place 🙂 and I’m sure there is so much more than currently meets the eye…

  • What an extraordinary find! Thanks Vida and Jenny for spreading this information and to Julie and Bill for what must be tireless work to bring this site to the rightful attention to the world. It looks rich with secrets that will help support the emerging proof of a highly developed global civilization. Though it seems the theories of ‘human evolution’ are too entrenched for most people to even accept the possibility of ‘human devolution’ it’s very interesting times for those who are open to this. Very interesting that Hancock will soon write about the topics – that should increase the awareness a lot.

    I had to check where Montana is when reading the article, and then seeing the location I wanted to see where Helena is in relation to a site in Canada I visited with my husband – the Majorville Medicine Wheel. You can find it on Google maps; from first look it is pretty much due north, making me wonder if it’s on the same ‘pink’ layline that runs vertically through the globe. The professor who has spent decades investigating it – Gordon Freeman, thinks that it’s a very sophisticated solar calendar, though it doesn’t look as impressive as these megalithic structures.

    Thanks again and good luck Julie with the winter solstice measurements!

    • Oh, yes, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Julie mentioned somewhere on her website that there’s a connection to the Alberta Medicine Wheel.

  • After listening I realized that I misquoted the information about the 81 dolmens in Bulgaria in the interview. Jenny correctly quoted that the “dolmens’ axis are oriented predominantly to some hill or peak lying at some distance.” I misspoke stating that these were pyramid shaped mountains . In Montana we find that many of the dolmens and megalithic art face pyramid shaped mountains however the mountains may not be pyramid shaped in Bulgaria. I apologize for my mistake.

    • Hi Julie. Thanks for clarifying that.

      The fact they are oriented towards a mountain (pyramid-shaped or not) in Europe is still of significance in my opinion. I found that many cultures regard the mountains as sacred, both as a symbol and energetically, and build temples and shrines on mountain tops, and that’s definitely the case in many older European cultures. I touched on it a bit in the Megalithic Kokino site in Macedonia (there’s a section there on cultural beliefs about the mountains).

      • Yes I agree Jenny, it seems like nearby mountains, as well as rivers, often play an important part in the greater landscape that is also an integral part of the site.

        Even though from the information shared, it’s clear that sites can align to each other with extraordinary precision across continents the world, as well to stellar markers, it’s still very hard to be able to see the greater terrestrial picture when we look at a site. I feel like my vision is very limited to looking at what’s in front of me in isolation, rather than being able to see it in context of its environs. It would be great to be able to develop that ability to see a landscape in its wider pattern, as it seems those building these sites could do.

  • In answer to your question about why the Montana Megaliths are not well known there are several reasons. My husband and I discovered Giant’s Playground on Valentine’s Day of 2015.
    At first there were more hits on my website in Russian than in English. I began to seriously write about the Montana Megaliths one year ago. Graham Hancock announced that his next big book will be about the history of North American civilizations from 13,000 to 60,000 years ago so the word is out. The concept that a very ancient highly advanced civilization once inhabited America challenges everything we have been taught about the ancient history time line, threatens the status quo of most Western established religions, and alters the way we think about ourselves and our ancestors.

    • Hi Julie,

      I’ve really enjoyed going through your website, you and your husband Bill have done an incredible job, this is a spectacular and a very important discovery.
      Without any doubts the evidence of our forefather is very clear, how can anyone deny it any longer.

      Well done and thank you for presenting the truth to the world.

    • Hi Julie,

      thank you for answering my questions – that’s amazing what you and your husband have uncovered!

      And what you said made me think of this quote:

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
      ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

      Thank you for doing what you can to uncover these lost mysteries. Keep up your wonderful work – it is much needed! All the best.

    • I know, especially in the USA! One of the first thoughts I had was “how can anything be undiscovered in the US?” Seems more likely it was purposely ignored …

      • Unfortunately, I found lots of finds to that effect in the area. Shame such a big chunk of our history appears to be missing, yet any probing into the field seems to just invoke ridicule and disbelief as opposed to intelligent study, discussion, and disclosure.

  • Wow, another interesting ancient complex discovered! Thanks Jenny and Vida for bringing this to our attention. So many different original shapes of stones and structures I have never heard about before! And those tuning fork-shaped trees – really interesting…

    I must admit though, that the ringing rocks are my absolute favorites so far from this collection of megaliths. 🙂 What a great idea, to assemble this giant pile of musical rocks whose sound can reverberate throughout the valley. I can imagine what a beautiful music could be possibly played by people who would know how to use them. The guy in the video was definitely getting better towards the end! 😀

    Apart from that, its really interesting to me how different unrelated people and groups who are delving into this “forbidden archaeology” seem to be coming to the similar conclusion – of a highly advanced civilization once reigning globally on Earth. The pre-sanscrit writings/carvings have been found in many places of the world (including lately on the megalithic blocks inside the tunnel system in the Bosnian Pyramids Valley) and the established archaeology does not really want to hear about that.

    • I love the ringing rocks too 🙂 Here’s a video of percussionists in a similar park in Pennsylvania:

      This guy looked like he had fun too (until his hammer snapped, that is 😀 ):

      Seems like a very interesting concept. I also love this example of a ringing rock in Africa:

      But I think the Montana Ringing Rocks are quite special in that convex formation overlooking the valley. Having participated in high hill-top ceremonies, hearing the sound echo through the valley below is quite a special experience — I can imagine that making the right sounds on these stones could be beautiful.

      I read somewhere that sometimes if you remove one of the rocks out of its formation it stops ringing too — though I can’t recall if that was in relation to a specific site or in general. Pretty intriguing nonetheless.

      • Those are great, thanks Jenny! The percussionists in the first video were really “rocking it”! 😀 I wonder what would the ancients think seeing these people playing with their stones in this way… Kind of like kids trying to play with the adults’ tools. 🙂

        Its also interesting how the sound is kind of metallic, makes me wonder what does the metal have to do with it if anything.

        • I wondered the same 😀 somehow I don’t think that was the intended use… but at least it shows the musical potential + it’s nice to see people out exploring and experiencing these places hands on.

          • ‘Ringing rocks’ was something I was able to investigate for myself in Wales recently!

            I’d heard of this place where the Bluestones used for Stonehenge were taken from and that one of their properties was that they were ‘musical’. When I visited some of the stones circles made of the rocks I totally forgot to check this out, but then driving in the area we passed, “Maencholochog” village, which means: “ringing rock”, and there in the village green, in front of the old church, was a massive bolder rock. “Stop the car!” I exclaimed to my mum, and jumped out, found a smaller rock nearby and proceeded to bang away. And the rock sung!

            There were a whole variety of tones I found from tapping around the rock. It wasn’t that the whole thing reverberated, but that at certain spots a totally different sound was produced. I could really see how this could be used as a musical instrument.

            Very interesting to see this as a repeated feature in sites around the world.

          • So funny, Ella. Now that I know about the concept of ringing / musical rocks I keep coming across them everywhere 😀 — so funny how that happens when you learn of a concept and then find yourself surrounded by it. Today I chanced upon a relatively recent megalithic discovery in Indonesia, that also contained volcanic ringing rocks.

            I hope your mom enjoyed the rock concert 😉

          • Haha – actually my mum didn’t bother to get out of the car so she missed it, but I’ve got some great photographic evidence of my aunty bashing away with a surprised expression on her face!

            Somehow for me, hearing these rocks helped me to sense of the magic of these sites and imagine the spiritual ceremonies that were likely held there. Being able to hear the same sounds that would have been made by our ancestors helped me to imagine dozens of people, all with a higher state of consciousness, connecting to the heavens and interacting with the earth, in ways quite unknown to us now.

          • Yes, I have to say among the things to try out at sacred megalithic sites, hitting stones with a hammer is not what first comes to my mind. 😀 (and in fact one might get in serious trouble at the more well known sites.)

            Hi Ella,

            Nice to hear about your little family concert. 😉 But interesting to hear about how the sound helped you gain some insights.
            A bit off topic but I saw a video of a 2000+ year old ancient celtic reconstructed instrument being played. (pretty ‘new’ compared to the age of some other cultures listed on this site 🙂 ) You can watch it here: Carnyx

            The musician mentions the same thing as you in the video. How it’s interesting to actually be able to hear some of the sounds from the past, conveying a sense or experience that people back then must’ve also had.

          • Thanks Karim, that’s a really captivating sound.

            I imagine having this stones ‘come to life’ and sing as part of the ceremony had its own special feeling, and then combined with beautiful sounds like that – it must have been quite extraordinary.

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