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What Is the Spirituality of the Sun?

Ancient sacred sites are scattered across the globe. Like beacons from another time, they illuminate mysteries humanity has forgotten – if we can decode their esoteric secrets.

Some, like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids, are well-known. Others like Indonesia’s “Mountain of Light”, a huge man-made pyramid built before the ice age ended and now covered in jungle growth, or the Gobekli Tepe megaliths in Turkey, perhaps older than 9000 BC,  have only come to light relatively recently.

But whether the sites are well-known or not, the esoteric secrets encoded in their construction are often obscure.

The ancients saw spiritual principles imbued within the very fabric of creation. They also understood the human being is a microcosm of the universe (the macrocosm). Therefore, movements in the heavens were seen to correspond to inner spiritual processes they sought to mirror on earth below.

This is why they often used sacred geometry and were so dedicated to aligning great monuments to the stars and the passage of the sun, which is marked by the solstices and equinoxes. They understood that the heavens, and the sun’s passage through it, illuminated on a cosmic scale a process of spiritual transformation one could experience within.

Their incredible structures were not built simply to venerate the higher cosmic forces they saw in motion above, but to serve as conduits for them on earth – to create sites that would inspire, point toward, and enable people to undertake the universal inner spiritual path they represented. Because this is a universal process, we find architecture conveying the same spirituality of the sun across many different cultures and continents, despite the different civilizations which built them often having no apparent physical contact with each other.

With this in mind, by learning more about ancient sacred sites we can help to unveil universal spiritual knowledge encoded with them. This can improve our spiritual understanding today just as it did for people thousands of years ago.

Understanding the principles informing how these sites are conceived and designed, may also help to guide anyone who wishes construct new sites that will serve as conduits for higher cosmic forces like those of old.

This is an area of research we have only began to look into recently. But to really dig in, we are going to need the help of some more researchers. If you would like to join the quest to expand our knowledge of the world’s sacred sites, and uncover their hidden esoteric meanings, then we invite you to become a researcher of this topic.

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